100 Episodes of Super and Over 35 Years of Dragon Ball

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Over Three Decades

Dragon Ball Super, Kale

Over 35 years have passed since the start of the Dragon Ball franchise. The end of episode 99 set the mood in for Dragon Ball Supers' 100th episode by including a major part of the DB universe: "The Legendary Super Sayian." Reviled in the last episode Kale is shown transforming into what I like to call "Super Sayian G."  Broly the Legendary Super Sayian was the original  Super Sayian G, with a lot of Kale's features being taken right from him which actually isn't a problem. In order to fully understand episode 100 and each easter egg presented you must truly be a fan.

The First Unraveling


During the fight between Goku and Caulifla, Kale is seen channeling some rage due to her lack of strength. Just like Broly things that affect her emotionally bring out her powers, and boy, did she. By quadrupling in size she was able to give SSJ God Goku a run for his money. Taking a fully charged Kamehameha to the chest and coming out unharmed actually made Goku quiver in his boots. FUN FACT: If you haven't noticed, all sayians of royal blood have been named after vegetables.

The Progress

Kid Goku

Beginning from the first episode of Dragon Ball Super, the whole world has been on the edge of its seat. Progress of the Dragon Ball Franchise can be compared to a rocket leaving our solar system. Always striving for newer heights in its character development and content. Tending to the needs of millions of fans seems to be easy for the power house. Starting from Goku as a young kid to a mature figure in the series makes it feel as if you truly know him. Before he fights someone you can instinctively tell how he might go about the fight, whether it be holding back energy to test his opponent or developing himself as a fighter. You feel as if you are there at that moment during any heated fight he's apart of plotting his next move.

The Fanbase

dragon ball cosplay

If you just started watching Dragon Ball or have been a veteran since the TV adaption started, then there's one thing you should probably already know and that's the community is HERE. With over 41.5 million units of their video game adaptions sold up until 2016 you can't say people don't love it. From starting from 1986 its video games have been separately making a name for themselves. When I was 7 years old playing Legacy of Goku on the Gameboy Advanced it was the best thing in the world. Going head to head with Frieza at the end was so difficult but beating him made it feel like I conquered the world.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read. Don't forget to leave a comment below on what you feel about the series up until now and just on the franchise in general!

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