About Us

What’s Unime?

Unime is a place where you can read reviews,  engage in debates and converse with other anime lovers around the globe. One of our main focuses is to give you the best reviews, both detailed and quirky.  This is all possible by having such a unique and talented group of individuals. We don’t just know our reviews are good, it’s a proven fact. Over the course of our blog launching we’ve had a spike in views and engagements on our site.

We want our readers and fans alike to know that there is a project underway for Unime. Engaging with other subscribers and fans of our blog will change. We’re striving for this project to be something that you’ve never seen anywhere before in the anime community. Stick with us during our growth and we promise to give you something really wonderful.

Make sure you check out our staff page! Without this team Unime wouldn’t be a possible.


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