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[Unime News] Anime Before 2005 Vs. Current!

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One would assume that anime would get better over time but as of late there have been a lot of anime critics. If you check out an anime review for a recent series produced in 2015 you’ll be surprised to find that more than 75% of the time most critics are saying things like, “This is complete fan service” or, “Just another filler.” If we take a look at what anime produced almost two decades ago is complete gold to most anime fans. One would believe that movies like “Spirited Away” (2001), “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” (1984),”Princess Mononoke“(1997), and “Grave of the Fireflies” (1988) were works of art that could never be reproduced or cloned. That doesn’t mean that you can’t create stories that deliver the same impact to a viewers soul.

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Anime that’s been released in the past decade has its ups and downs, of course. Any form of entertainment or content for the public will stumble down the line, but it’s so hard to find good anime these days. Yes, you have shows like Tokyo Ghoul that recently aired, which everyone had high hopes for. My question simply is where was massive amount of content that was present in the manga? Of course your response would be that most anime haven’t made it past two seasons for the past few years now.

Now don’t get me wrong, the industry is lacking a lot of money. But illegal anime streaming sites aren’t the issue as most companies claim. The reason to that was a double-edged sword the industry put on itself. Back in the day for most of us anime veterans you could find anime with a detailed story line everywhere. The reason for this was the determination of the manga’s illustrator/story writer. This day in age not a lot of sweat and hard work is put into manga’s. A lot of what we read and watch now is fan service.

Fan service, in my book, is producing something to answer to the cries and pleas of the community/fanbase. With anime, that meant exposing female characters’ body parts and overloading the amount of blood in the actual TV series. I’m not trying to say flashing a little skin is a bad thing. Since ‘Ecchi’ was presented it slowly became more acceptable and profitable for a pretty good time. But of course all good things must come to an end.

Ecchi has evolved and changed anime into something that it wasn’t meant to be. Ask yourself this simple question: When you start watching a new series, how many times do you see jumping boobs? Or the female characters acting overly clumsy and their skirts magically flying in the air? I bet it’s at least 50% of the time. The industry is adding way too much nudity and mature content to the point of most stations not wanting to air the content. You can’t expand your fanbase if younger kids are not able to watch anime due to its content.

The reason I’m such an anime fanboy now is because I grew up watching shows like “Dragonball,” “Rurouni Kenshin,” and “YuYu Hakusho” where mature content was present but not for 85% of the series entire series. I surely was surprised when i was seven and saw Bulma’s panties. Believe me, it was huge talk in school the next day. Anyway, back to the topic! Anime is restricting itself with something that can easily be fixed once the younger audience can actually view the content. There will be a much bigger fanbase that ends up turning into dedicated anime veterans such as yourself or I. So Current Anime takes a loss to Anime Before 2005!

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  1. Oh I remember telling my friends that Bulma flashed Master Roshi her panties the discussion we had after everyone watched the episode was priceless. Anyway good article, I find that it is not completely correct. Anime before 2005 had a lot of gems, but there is also a realization that the newer fans may not necessarily be interested in some of the content shown in anime from 2005. That is not to say that all anime from 2005 is made for the new generation of fans. There are many great shows that have come out since 2005. Katanagatari, Black Lagoon, Shiki, Your Lie in April, Kemono no Souja and many other series have come out since then.

    I think it is better to consider the time before 2005 to be your golden age of anime. Where that era is what got you into anime or kept you actively interested in anime. I can say that a lot of my favourite anime probably came out before 2005, but I like a lot of the anime that are even airing this season. Take Ore Monogatari, that show keeps me interested in the relationship and it is done well. Anyway you wrote a great article and I didn’t mean this comment to argue with you, I just wanted to voice my opinions on the subject of the Golden Age of Anime. Talk to you later.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more because newer fans do cling to this newish style of Anime. I love Black Lagoon, Shiki and other series that aired after 2005. The one problem that I do have is that everything so commercialized now, its hard to find anime with good content. Although I have seen a lot of shows with good material lately such a Prince Of Arslan & Classroom Assassination. Im sure once we break this chain that we will have another golden age of anime!

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