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Anime-Flavored Study Music: Relaxation

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All good things must come to an end, and so seems to be the case with summer. August is finally upon us, and with it’s dawn comes the beginning of the end of summer vacations and week-long anime binges. The responsibilities of school are creeping up ever so quickly, but don’t let that get you down. As the school year sets in, here’s a quick playlist of 15 relaxing anime theme songs to help keep you sane as you study. 🙂 

Aoi Shiori: Anohana OP


As someone who absolutely loved the melancholy slice-of-life Anohana, this beautiful summer song perfectly captures the bittersweet feeling of the series, while providing a nice acoustic escape from your everyday stress.  

Tabi no Tochuu: Spice and Wolf OP

I will admit: I haven’t seen a lot of Spice & Wolf. From what I have seen, though, it seems like it’s a rustic, calm take on the fantasy genre; this OP pulls out the essence of the feeling the anime was trying to convey in it’s sweet, melancholic tones. 

Brave Song: Angel Beats ED

Angel Beats was one of the first anime I really got into, and I remember skipping past this ED most of the time in order to get to the next episode. The soft singing along the piano and strings really lends the song an air of comfort and rest, fitting with the afterlife theme of the anime. 

Dango Daikazogu: Clannad ED 1

I have two things to say about this song. One, I still have not seen Clannad yet: I’m waiting for a good time to sit down and truly experience it. Please don’t kill me. Two, this song is as cute as it is utterly relaxing. It feels like a mix of lullaby and nursery rhyme, and I can see myself singing this to my future children. 

Bokura no Ashiato: Black Rock Shooter ED

Black Rock Shooter is an anime that proves good things can come in small packages. As short as the series was, it’s ED is even shorter, but it still manages to capture the emotional essence of the series. 

Innocence: Barakamon ED

Barakamon is definitely a summer anime. From the island setting to the plot, the contrasts of sunny and stormy that characterize summer are evident within the series. This ED captures the child-like joy and peaceful innocence that the series encompasses so well. 

Orphans Namida: Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans ED

With a powerful entrance and moving jazz, Orphans Namida is the kind of song I lose myself in. It always formed a nice climax to the episodes of Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, and it has just enough emotion and instrumentation to feel epic, yet soothing. 

High High High: Usagi Drop ED

Usagi Drop is a cute slice-of-life. High High High is a cute ED. What else can be said? 

Uchiyoserareta Bōkyaku no Zankyō ni: Beautiful Bones ED

Beautiful Bones definitely surprised me last year, and the haunting-yet-chill quality of its ED did as well. I can see myself sitting back with a cup of tea, looking out of a window while listening to this song.  

Asayake no Starmine: Plastic Memories ED

As far as fun romances go, Plastic Memories is definitely one of my favorites. The joyful journey of courtship is reflected in the happy tones of this song; while more upbeat, it does just enough to be calming at the same time.

Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai: Attack on Titan ED 1

Whether you love or hate Attack on Titan, its music definitely fits each mood like a glove. A take on modern classical, the ED progresses from minimal to powerful. It’s the type of song that ends out your day. 

Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru: One-Punch Man ED

What’s the best way to contrast the strongest man alive? An ED that’s quite soft and delicate, with a hit of melancholy. 

Shiritaku Nakatta: Akame ga Kill ED 1

Like the anime it ends, Shiritaku Nakkatta knows exactly what it wants you to feel, and it flows accordingly. It’s sad overtones intertwine with the introduction of each instrument perfectly, and once it hits you’ll feel this song for a while. 

Yake Ochinai Tsubasa: Charlotte ED

A nice, more hopeful ED, Yake Ochinai Tsubasa both calms and points towards the future. It’s just the kind of song you listen to after a long day. 

Friends: Gundam 00 ED 2

Wrapping up with a personal favorite of mine, Friends invokes the fun and frienship of summer. From the guitar to the vocals, its potential to relax might depend on you, but for me it prompts me to relax and think on old memories of time spent with loved ones. 


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