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Anime Review – Jormungand

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Hey there, it’s leaveit2me.  Here’s another post to celebrate the resurrection of this blog, and this time it’s a review on the anime Jormungand.


Jormungand tells the story of Koko Hekmatyar, a young and ruthless arms dealer and her eclectic crew of bodyguards who are made up of some of the toughest and hardest ex-military and intelligence personnel on the planet.  Koko is the daughter of Floyd Hekmatyar, the CEO of HCLI, the world’s largest shipping magnate.  Koko’s mission is one of piece, according to her, but death and bullets are all that lay in her wake, as she travels across the world doing business, one gun at a time.


So let’s start with plot.  The show’s story is told in 1-2 episode short arcs that each have their own self-contained story.  There is somewhat of an over-arching plot that begins about halfway and concludes at the end of the show.  However, the key to the plot is in the characters.  The wide array of colorful characters that appear in this show are it’s forte, and it takes advantage of almost all of them.  To be honest, at times it seems like that plot is absolutely secondary and just watching what a characters does next is the reason you keep watching.

That isn’t to say the show is all fluff.  Because the characters are so strong and cool, all of the action revolves around cool action scenes and plot points that initiate them.  This results in awesome displays of fast-paced, rapid-fire battle.  However, the moments that link them are also just as well done.  The interstices between these action scenes are held together by Koko’s “cool as a cucumber” attitude to business.  She has the confidence to face down anyone in a negotiation, be it a has-been spy turned arms dealer encroaching on her territory, or a pushy, overzealous army general looking to get more for his money.  No matter what Koko sees or goes through, she always seems to be able to produce a disquieting smile.


Let’s move to music.  The soundtrack is rather decent.  In fact, I’ve done a review for it on my own blog (shameless plug anybody?).  The beginning and ending songs are also strong, with the beginning fitting more into the action genre of the show, while the ending works to calm down the audience after all the fighting is up.

Lastly, the artwork.  The character design is probably the only point of contention for people.  I was perfectly fine with it, but I can understand why some people might not be.  Other than that, the background, scene and key animation were all first rate, which is to be expected since this show came out in 2012.  It isn’t quite that old.


All in all, a pretty decent show.  If you’re looking for something to pump you up, or something that has some serious action scenes, but doesn’t skimp on the rest, this is probably the show for you.  Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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