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Anime Review – Kamisama Hajimemashita

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Ah, it’s been a while since this site’s been active.  Here’s my attempt to get it back up to full stock: a quick and dirty review of Kamisama Hajimemashita.

In Kamisama Hajimemashita or Kamisama Kiss, we begin by seeing Nanami Momozono, a teenage girl, sitting on a park bench.  She has just been kicked out of her apartment by debt collectors looking for her father, who has conveniently skipped town.  As Nanami wonders what to do about her predicament, she sees a strange blonde-haired dude hiding up a tree to avoid a dog barking at him.  Nanami shoo’s him away and the two start to talk.  Nanami relays her situation to him and he sympathizes.  When she says she has no place to call home, the man declares that he will bequeath his home to her.  After planting a kiss on her forehead and giving her a map to his home, he disappears.


Thoroughly confused, but with no other options, Nanami follows the map to a dark temple.  There she meets Tomoe, the yokai of the temple, and familiar of the land god.  As it turns out, the man who left Nanami the temple was the land god for the region.  His kiss was a means of transferring the ownership of the duty of land god.  As a result, Nanami was now forced into the position of land god for the region.  Tomoe curses his rotten luck and declares that he will no longer serve as familiar, and leaves.  Nanami, unsure of what to do, decides to search for him.

Nanami finds herself in spirit territory, a place unsafe for humans to wander around in.  When she is attacked, Tomoe appears.  By mistake, Tomoe and Nanami kiss, sealing their pact as master and familiar.  Much to Tomoe’s chagrin, Nanami’s words now act as commands for him.  Tomoe is forced to rescue Nanami from her crisis, and the two return to the shrine.


While Nanami is unsure of how to balance being a land god and a normal high-school girl, and Tomoe begrudgingly does his duty as familiar for some random stranger, the two become closer over time, and the show tells the story of their trials as spiritual keepers of the region.

While I covered the plot points of the first episode, let’s not forget that this is a romantic comedy.  Plot is hardly the strong suit of this show.  That isn’t to say that it’s all fluff, but it’s definitely not War and Peace either.  The plot revolves around incidents related to Nanami at school, her running into other yokai around town, and the Tomoe’s history before coming to the shrine.  The stand out moments of the show come from the heartwarming exchanges between Nanami and the various yokai she comes across.  The fact that she is a normal human being without any magical power to speak of draws the unwanted attentions of many yokai who would rather a normal human not interfere in their world.  Her struggle to empathize with yokai and other spirits is admirable and it helps her make friends in unexpected places.


Let’s got to art now.  It’s pretty standard fare for a shoujo show, very typical shoujo-manga style art.  I’d say it might even be a little below average at times, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad by any stretch.  Not much to speak of to be honest.

Next, music.  I liked the opening song, although it was rather simple.  I just found it catchy, I guess. The animation sequence for it was definitely boring.  As for the endings, I was less enthusiastic about those, but I’d say they’re pretty average.  The BGM was unremarkable as well.  Nothing stand out here.


Overall, I’d say this show is pretty standard if you are looking for a simple shoujo romcom.  It has some up’s and down’s, drama and enjoyment-wise.  However, compared to most of the shoujo’s that have come out recently, I might actually put this a bit above average.  This show at least does all of the basics right.  So, if you want a simple and nice romance to watch, this is a relatively quick watch that’s worth the time.  That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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