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Anime Themed Study Music: Motivational

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As necessary as school (apparently) is, we can all agree that sometimes it can be a real drag. After slogging through your fifth essay or your 50th algebra problem, time seems like an elusive foe, and homework becomes an all-consuming monster bent on your mental destruction. To combat that, here are 15 anime themed ost that are guaranteed to pump you up and get you motivated to tackle your workload!


Guren no Yumiya: Attack on Titan OP 1

Attack on Titan seems to be a hit-or-miss anime for most people, but I think we all can agree that it has some amazing theme songs. From my first listen up until now, Guren no Yumiya never fails to get me pumped! 

Ignite: Sword Art Online II OP 1

I felt that Sword Art Online II was a big step up for the series in many ways, and the new OP perfectly captures that. Eir Aoi brings her powerful vocals into a song that’ll keep you going even during that grueling track meet or basketball practice.

ReDo: ReZero OP 1

One of my favorites entries in the Spring 2016 anime season, Re:Zero surpassed my expectations in a lot of ways. It’s the kind of song that’ll motivate you to take a journey of your own. 

Clattanoia: Overlord OP

For a somewhat lesser known anime, Overlord definitely knows how to set the tone with its OP. The relentless rock provides the perfect backdrop to whatever project you’re working on. Except maybe orchestra class. 

Hey Kids!!: Noragami Aragato OP

This upbeat track feels like something that a fun-loving god of war might compose. Something that Yato can relate to, I’m sure. Pulsing excitement tinged with a crazy circus vibe, this OP is audible caffeine for those long essay-writing sessions. 

Cerulean: Gundam Build Fighters Try OP 1

Gundam Build Fighters Try is a series built around hard work and passion; appropriately, the OP is amazingly motivational. This song especially helps focus me for long periods of tedious homework. 

black bullet: Black Bullet OP

Despite having taken the name of this OP from their Department of Redundancy Department, black bullet is quite the OP. Tinged with hope and determination, it’s perfect for whatever type of study you’re doing.

COOLEST!: Sakamoto Desu Ga OP

My favorite comedy of Spring 2016, the OP for Sakamoto Desu Ga is the perfect anthem to start your day off right! Who knows, maybe you’ll be as cool as Sakamoto this year? no you won’t…

The Day: My Hero Academia OP

My Hero Academia feels very inspired by Saturday-morning cartoons. Fittingly, the OP is just the right mix of spicy rock and vocals to give that feeling of awesomeness you experienced as a kid. Good for long hikes or jogs. All-Might approved.

Flyers: Death Parade OP

For an anime so occupied with death, Death Parade has one of the most swinging OP’s I’ve ever heard. More party than anthem, it’ll get you up and moving even at your desk. Just try to keep it lowkey.

Headhunt: Durarara x2 Shou OP

Durarara!! had a lot of theme songs, but I have to say that this one excited me the most. It’s mellow rock and escalating themes really pull you into it, and it has a hip-swinging charm to it that does just enough to bring a smile to a tired face.

Raise Your Flag: Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans OP

As far as anime anthems go, Raise Your Flag has to be my favorite. From the rising intro to the pulsing guitar and drums, it hits all the right notes to get you into action.

Hard Knock Days: One Piece OP 18 OP

As someone who stays away from One Piece due to the length, even I have to agree that this OP is really motivating. You can feel the shounen influence very strongly in this song, but that just makes it more fun to listen to.

ZERO!!: The Devil is a Part-Timer!! OP

Since The Devil is a Part-Timer!! is an anime that mashes up fantasy and modern slice-of-life, the OP faithfully reflects that in its otherworldly feel combined with its poppy backbeat. It’s the type of cheery song that’ll pick you up after that post-homework nap.

Skyreach: Akame Ga Kill OP 1

What does an epic fantasy anime need? An epic OP. That’s exactly what this OP is. A driving guitar, pounding drums, and a powerful vocalist keep this song going, and it’ll be sure to keep you going throughout the semester.

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