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Another summer anime or should you watch DIVE!! ?

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It’s been a month since Dive!! anime started and there are six episodes already.  Since this is a summer oriented anime, I felt like I really have to pitch in my five cents and talk about it. A lot of people compared this anime to Free! but it’s not really that similar. This one is just about diving and focuses on specific characters rather than a group of friends. I included some SPOILERS, sorry guys!

The setting

It’s placed in Tokyo and the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC). The club is on the verge of closing down because of some serious financial troubles, but somehow there is still hope left. The new coach persuaded the company that owns them to let them stay open. There’s a catch though – they must produce at least one diver that will join the Olympics. The anime is supposed to air eleven episodes and there are six already out.  Will this anime be good enough to get another season?



Let’s dive in

Ok, so I had no idea about diving and except from knowing it exists, I was not interested in it. I actually started watching because everyone hyped it up as sort of Free! inspired anime. Six episodes into the show and I still know nothing about diving. In regards to the sport they basically explained nothing.  Even when it comes to the basics of some jumps I got zero information. Even worse, we get to the competition part or meets, still no answers as to how the scoring works, just screen after screen of some random numbers. The instructions from the coach don’t really help much either, so in this regard the anime lacks big time.


Tomo takes the lead

The story revolves around Tomoki Sakai, or Tomo, who from the age of eight was impressed with the sport and wanted to do it. He’s sort of the base of the anime, but honestly, I don’t think they really developed him well. From a young boy who can’t really do the perfect turn before splashing into water, he goes into one of the best at MDC. That’s all thanks to the new coach, Kayoko Asaki. In the mean time he struggles to keep private life active as well and up until episode five, he seems to also have a girlfriend.

Tomo DIVE!!


The love drama

Yeah, well, they included that too. By the end of episode five we get to see him a couple of times with his girlfriend and the two seem like they’re living on two different planets. It’s obvious that Tomo has no idea what he’s doing. Even his brother pointed out in previous episodes that he’s neglecting his girlfriend, which is true but still doesn’t justify his brother stealing her from him. The betrayal was quite deep as Tomo is simply too dense to understand that girls are not just something that you can say you have and that’s it. I was really not impressed by this turnout or how the anime included it in the story.

Why Dive!! isn’t Free!

This one’s easy. It lacks on so many fronts that I just don’t know where to start. The anime seems innocent enough in the beginning: friends going diving together, practicing, and hanging out. Seems promising, right? The jealousy of the other two divers (because Tomo was getting better than them) destroyed that. The friendship turned into a spiteful mess and was only mended as much as for them to practice in the same club. The coach here is basically a girl with huge boobs to serve the purpose of getting people to watch. All she does up to episode six is complain, bark orders, and sometimes give some sort of inspirational speech. The animation didn’t impress me either and could be done better.



This is sort of in the spotlight of the anime, it was also one of the main sales pitch if you ask me. I don’t mind, however, compared to Free! this one lacks the subtlety. Muscled, shirtless swimmers are all okay but give them more background, more context. Even when it was meant to be funny, like with the Pinky’s bright swimwear show, it just felt bland. There are also two girls, one is romantically involved with Tomo and the other  is the coach. The coach, again, is almost always very revealing and again that also just felt like they were out of ideas on how to make her interesting.

fanservice DIVE!!


Overall impression

There were some nice moments like when Tomo nailed a jump, or when a better diver than him was giving him a pep talk or tried to cheer him on. All in all, it still felt like it lacks. I never got the feeling of clicking it all together. In my opinion it’s an okay, average anime. With Free! there was Haru, a bit different from the rest, but still interesting. With Tomo or any other character I find nothing that convinces me this anime is gonna turn out great. I don’t want to sound harsh, but sometimes I just really struggle to find good things to talk about. Not all reviews can be positive and appraising. Sorry guys!

If you have seen the anime, let me know! Would love to read your thoughts on it!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Polona

**Photos used are screenshots of the anime!

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  1. I don’t have access to Dive at this point and I wasn’t really planning on watching it. At the start of the season there seemed to be a lot of buzz around it but it seems to have mostly died down by the mid-season point.
    Thanks for sharing your impressions of it.

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