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Attack on Movie: An In-Depth Discussion on the Attack on Titan Movies With Lynsette (Part 2)

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Hey guys!

Here is part 2 of the Attack on Titan movies, just as we promised on Thursday. In Part 1 we talked about some of our expectations, the main characters (Mikasa, Shikishima, and Eren), the plot, and Titans. In today’s post we’ll be exploring some of our favorite aspects from the two movies, the parts we weren’t particularly satisfied with, and the ending, as well as giving our final verdict on the release.

Again, I’d like point out that there will be spoilers from here on out so if you don’t like spoilers, don’t read! (As much as it pains us we wouldn’t want to spoil the movies for you) Enjoy~

Q: Characters and scenes we liked and didn’t like (the Best, the OK, and the Not So Great…)?

Crimson: I didn’t like the fact that the ocean was on the other side of the wall, I really enjoyed Sasha and Armin as a couple, and I can never look at a red apple again without remembering Shikishima. He has thoroughly corrupted apples for me. Some characters I loved were Sannagi (a.k.a. Ax dude) and Hange (her personality was just so contagious).

Jean was probably the only character I felt very little for, so when he died I didn’t care. It also happened super quickly and if you weren’t paying attention you could have totally missed it. I don’t think the actual characters mourned either, haha. Besides, all he ever did was try to steal the spotlight. Unfortunately, Eren and Mikasa don’t make either of these lists. They just felt really bland to me, in comparison to other characters.

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Lyn: Sasha and Armin were cute. They made a good team. Armin makes bombs and explosions and she shoots arrows to protect him while working. Jean was a coward from beginning to end. He didn’t do anything to show his bravery like he did in the manga or anime.

I kind of wondered though why Sasha was hanging around Mikasa all the time during part two of the movie. 

Crimson: I think she was trying to cheer Mikasa up, give her womanly support and all.

Lyn: Maybe. To me those moments with Sasha and Mikasa were awkward like the scenes didn’t seem to transition well within the movie, or like I don’t know what to make of it.

Crimson: They did feel awkward but I think that’s because that’s how they were supposed to be. To start, Mikasa didn’t know anyone from their little group and Sasha was trying to be a good sport. The problem was that she didn’t know how to help out Mikasa (or comfort her) and so they came off as awkward.

There was also the fact that Mikasa was being uncooperative.

Lyn: Yeah I could see that. Maybe it is just my personal opinion. I just felt like it wasn’t the right shots to depict those types of emotions within the characters. If it was me, I would probably have done something different. I mean, rather than having moments of awkward silence, I think there should have been a little more dialogue between Sasha and Mikasa in regards to making sure that their emotional state of mind is stable. As a viewer, I think it would have been tough to assume that Sasha is consoling Mikasa.

Crimson: But how could you not notice? I mean, that scene where Sasha gives Mikasa a potato! Her treasured potato, haha, and then Mikasa is just like ‘here’s your potato back.’ Poor Sasha

Lyn: Oh yeah, but when I watched that scene, I was like “umm… what do I make of this?” I admit it is an awkward hilarious scene, but like it didn’t resonate with me that Sasha is actually comforting Mikasa.

Crimson: I admit it could have been done better but I also liked it. I mean, who has time to plan out how to comfort someone? And then after that, the yuri moment when Sasha falls over Mikasa. If that didn’t make Mikasa happy I don’t know what could, haha

Lyn: They do fall down together. I thought that was strange and unnecessary fanservice.

Crimson: Speaking of fanservice, the yaoi moments in this movie were so abundant! The theatre I was at was full of giggles and laughing and ‘what the hells’ from all the guys! My eyes were just transfixed to the screen and all I could think was, ‘the yaoi is canon.’

And maybe I shed some (a lot of) tears as I laughed uncontrollably.

© Toho (Via Youtube)

Lyn: Oh man, the same thing happened at my theater. When Shikishima was drinking wine and listening to music on the Juke Box. He is indulging in the materialistic lifestyle, not caring what is happening right now. It was weird, but funny.

Crimson: And Ax Dude! (Sannagi), if there’s one thing you have to take away from this movie it’s that Sannagi was EPICNESS incarnate!

Lyn: Haha, TRUE HERO.

Crimson: This guy gave his life for his friends! He knocked down a tower on his way to the other side…while being shot at, if that’s not amazing I don’t know what is. And he was one of the few characters I felt that actually had a reason to come back alive.

Lyn: Yeah, and the ax scene when he took down a Titan on his own.

Crimson: He also flipped a Titan in the first part. When I saw that I had to pause for a second because how is that even possible?!

Lyn: Ax Dude is epic. He has courage unlike Jean. Ax Dude’s death was worthy.

Crimson: He didn’t even need any gear, which was baffling because isn’t gear supposed to be the only thing strong enough to pierce Titan skin?

Lyn: He has brute strength, and can take a tower down and flip a Titan over. I’m guessing that the ax is made of the same material as those blades. Sasha has a bow and arrow, which pierced through Shikishima’s eye.

Crimson: That’s what I imagined much later in the movie, and his hands…just thinking about it makes me cringe!

Lyn: Anyways, I just want to say that if I could name one thing that the live-action film did a good job on is the casting of Zoë Hange. The actress, Satomi Ishihara, really brought her character to life.

© Toho (Via Youtube)

Crimson: Ah yes, another favorite! Just from the trailer I knew I was going to like her and when she first appeared on screen I fangirled a little, haha. She was one of the few characters that I felt was really well transitioned. I loved all her scenes! All of them. ALL.

Especially near the end when she unleashes her true fangirl. Like the scene after the explosion where she comes out of the tank thing (everyone’s gone by then) and she’s trying to take all of the weapons she can find (but there’s obviously only so much she can carry so she has to decide what she really wants)

Lyn: Me too! I know she was like, “OH NEW TOYS!”

Also near the end of the movie, her facial expressions were funny when she wanted to shoot the rocket once it failed to work, but Mikasa ruined it for her. You then see a disappointed Hange.

My favorite line from her from the whole movie is “It’s okay that explosion will cause a bigger explosion! BOOM!” (I’m recalling from memory)

Crimson: Right! It’s sad she missed the Titan fight, she would have been so excited!

Q: What do you think of the ending?

Crimson: So I mentioned that the ocean being right behind the wall bothered me so much. I don’t know why, it just felt like all this Titan shenanigans is happening and the ocean is just there…Like it’s mocking them

Lyn: The people are mocked by the ocean?

Crimson: The ocean is mocking the main characters

Lyn: Oh so like they can’t get out (since they are like on an “island”) even if they manage to be free from the Titans?

Crimson: Mmm, pretty much, if that ever happened to me I’d be so angry (and just nobody knowing about it felt too…unrealistic).

Lyn: Well, I kind of assumed that behind the wall there would be an ocean because they mentioned that symbol throughout the film. For example, Eren talks about freedom to Armin and Mikasa while standing on that missile, the blueness of that missile reminds them of the ocean, and all those birds. Also since they are surrounded by water, it implies that they could be in Japan because you can see Tokyo Tower from a distance.

Crimson: Well it sucked

Lyn: LOL

Crimson: Oh I hadn’t paid attention to the structures (not to mention I have no idea what Tokyo Tower looks like) but it did solidify the question of location.

Lyn: Yeah, and you also questioned why there are only Japanese individuals (in a previous discussion). The fact that the location is Japan, kind of makes sense to that.

Crimson: Now it does, though it’s not the last of humanity anymore 

Q: What does it mean to be the “last of humanity?”

© Toho (Via Youtube)

Crimson: The plot doesn’t center around the world anymore. It’s about the Japanese government doing experiments to subdue their people, right?

Lyn: Yes, it is. Eren found out the secret in the movie.

Crimson: And this secret just happened to be developed during the war times, so therefore it’s not about the world. You can’t say they’re the last of humanity like you could in the anime or manga where specific races are mentioned.

Lyn: Well the thing is that when Shikishima was explaining the Titan history to Eren, the film showed images of the Titan experiments, and how it eventually developed into a sporadic phenomenon around the world. I remembered seeing video footage of a non-Japanese family having a party, and then all of a sudden a gigantic Titan was spotted outside their window.

Crimson: Ah I can’t remember! I would need to check it out again…

Lyn: Yeah so I think these Titans exist all over the world. From what I’ve seen, the world seems pretty modernized, but it just so happens that the creation of Titans transformed society back to the olden times. Cities became isolated from each other and there is a lack of modern technology.

Crimson: Yes

© Toho (Via Youtube)

Lyn: Since there is no advance communication or transportation technology, there is no way of knowing whether or not other villages exists. It is kind of like The Walking Dead.

Crimson: Never watched that show, but I don’t think the possibility of other villages existing outside of the walls would be high, or at least, not in their current location.

Lyn: It’s okay. Also the fact that they are on an island could imply that they may be the only ones out there alive.

Crimson: Wouldn’t it be hard to live outside if it’s overrun by Titans? Especially these Titans, they looked so eager to eat all the people

Lyn: Yeah

Crimson: But they’re now what probably remains in that area of Japan, not all of humanity, since we don’t really know if other governments decided to do the same that Japan did. For all we know other places could have already gotten rid of a large portion of the titans in their area and are living in a world just as advanced as they had been.

Lyn: Yeah because they don’t know what is going on outside the walls.

Crimson: Yup yup

Lyn: But in their mindset they think that they are the last.

Crimson: I suppose…though I’m not convinced even on that aspect completely, haha 

Q: What do you think of the overall moral message of the film?

© Toho (Via Youtube)

Lyn: I will quote Mikasa: “The world is a cruel place, but it is also beautiful.” This movie shows that we, humans, are the true source of evil. The Titans are victims from the crimes we committed as humans trying to make advance weapons for war as well as creating the next stage of evolution. As a result, humans became their own demise, and now they live in a world behind walls.

Furthermore, Shikishima’s views on humanity could be considered truth. Humans are ignorant of the problems that are right in front of them. Rather than questioning or doing anything about society’s problems, humans turn the other cheek. As humans, I think we should acknowledge the problems that affect our daily lives and find solutions to these issues.  In the movie, the people live in fear behind the walls, and never questioned authority because the government provides “protection” for the masses. The walls were like a prison ground for people, and only the rich could live in convenience at the expense of the suffering poor class. Hence, Shikishima explains these issues to Eren, who he hopes would do something about it.

Crimson: You have said everything I was thinking, haha

Basically, the fact that humans were the source of the Titans, the fact that the lower class were horded behind walls, and that the small elite wanted to keep it this way really exemplified how terrible we can be. Not only this but even amongst ourselves and smaller communities, when push comes to shove, we only really think about ourselves and our well being. I think Eren is supposed to portray that break from evil.

He’s that person that wants to be free, the one that wishes for more and isn’t afraid to attain it, and the one who doesn’t sacrifice others even when it seems like the best route to go. I feel like the movie pushes the idea that we should be more like Eren who is very passionate and thinks about the well being of his friends, family, and even strangers.
And how Eren always mentions, we don’t want to be like cattle. We should stand out more, believe in our ideals, and strive for a better ending because we only get one life and we should live it to the fullest.

Q: Would you recommend this film?

© Toho (Via Youtube)

Lyn: I would recommend this movie to people that are curious about the Attack on Titan franchise, and are just barely getting introduced to it. This movie will give you a glimpse of the Attack on Titan world. As for fans of the anime and manga, it is alright to watch it, but don’t expect much from it. Yet overall, the movie was entertaining and you will definitely get a laugh.

Crimson: I’m of a similar mindset. I wouldn’t particularly recommend these movies to people who are fans of the anime and manga, especially if you want a faithful adaptation. The only reason I’d recommend it to the anime crowd, which I’m assuming is the majority (if not all) of our readers, is that it could count towards your Watched Anime List. Not to mention that it’s good for a few laughs, especially near the end where it looks like the movie decided to incorporate many…interesting things, haha

I would recommend this to people who haven’t watched Attack on Titan (or read it), with the knowledge that the original content’s plot is different and has more room for development. And I would further recommend taking non-anime fans with you to watch this, especially if they don’t mind the more fantasy-like elements.

And that is all for this Skype Chat Review Hybrid (for real this time), brought to you by Lyn and I. I hope you all enjoyed this style as we randomly thought it would be an interesting way to write a review.

As for everyone’s experience with the movie, what were your thoughts? Did you like or dislike the movies? I know a few people only went to watch the first part and were discouraged about part 2. And even before this there was a lot of talk on Twitter (and I’m sure elsewhere too) where many fans were adamant about going to watch the movie. Honestly, the theaters that we went to only had a handful of people present, was that the case with others that went to watch?

Tell us about your trip to watch the movies! And don’t worry about ranting, I mean, sometimes you just have to let it all out

And if you haven’t watched the movies, has our review piqued your interest? Has it confirmed some of your fears? What do you think about this new plot that’s been introduced?


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