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[Recall] Attack On Titan [ Contains Spoilers ]

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Before Hand Thoughts

Probably one of the most anticipated animes back in 2013. It won tons of praise from its ever-growing fan base, with some of the best artwork seen in the anime genre in a while. Now take it from me I wasn’t expecting anything from this show until.

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i saw the trailer. Just because some how I found it possible to let all the hype fly by me. But back in that time i barely read manga to begin with. I think at that time i read “Barrage” by Kōhei Horikoshi and “Gantz” by Hiroya Oku . Then fell off of manga for a short time after that.

Suggestion To You

W A T C H I T !!!

When I watched the first episode i was instantly hooked to it like when you buy a new phone or  gaming console. After watching the episode where Eren Yeager turned into a titan I had to know more. I broke my one rule my greatest taboo I know…. I peaked at the manga!!! Instantly ruining about 14 episodes of the anime. Surprisingly though I wasn’t all that crushed at breaking that rule.

At that moment i though this show could have a few years of content. I mean at least hitting the hundreds mark. The concept that you have these humans who cant leave this confined area because the will go extinct. Is an amazing idea, the threat of these titans. That can either be your regular idekwhatimdoing titans or one with a human consciousness. Who can break your hope with one slow breathtaking kick.

If you haven’t watched the show yet or read the manga. READ the manga first you wont feel as if the shows going to be boring because you already know what happened. The show is just that freaking awesome!

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