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Aura Kingdom: A Review

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Be an envoy of Gaia…



If you are into anime MMORPGs, then this is probably already in your list or if not, you’re already there grinding.


Aura Kingdom is officially under Aeria Games. Its developer is none other than X-Legend, the same creator of Eden Eternal and Spirit Tales.


The Church has been doing well in maintaining the Kingdom’s peace. Indeed, this work would not have been successful without the help of Reindhart, a very skilled Templar who fought for it for twenty years. Perhaps, this is also the reason why the people rejoiced for him when he finally got together with Suna, the love of his wife.


Such a happy place it was, until one day, Suna had this mysterious disease and Reindhardt can only go back being a Templar, hoping that he can find a cure during his travels. Time is running out but no remedy was discovered. In the end, Reindhardt disappeared.
As the Envoy of Gaia, your mission is to fight to restore peace with the help of your Eidolon. An eidolon is a form of spirit said to reflect the envoy’s heart. It’s really the other form of the Envoy’s deity though.

Aura Kingdom offers a variety of classes which one can choose from. So far, 11 are already out in the Official.

  • Guardian using sword and shield. If you wanna take the aggro yourselves, then be this class.
  • Duelist using dual blades. A must try class for PvP lovers.
  • Ravager using axes. Wanna rage and smash things? Be a ravager and turn enemies to dust.
  • Wizard using a staff. Who will ever forget this DPS class?
  • Sorcerer using a book containing spells. You will surely be appreciated as a debuffer.
  • Bard using a harp. Indeed, there are OP players but who would deny to receive a heal from a bard?
  • Grenadier using a cannon. Fire those enemies and lure them to your traps!
  • Gunslinger using dual pistols. Be amazingly cool as you defeat opponents with guns and bullets!
  • Brawler using katar. Perfect for those who wanna kill using their own hands.
  • Ranger using bow. Instant death awaits to those who are pierced with your arrows.
  • Ronin using katana. Slice your enemy to death by being a samurai like Kenshin!

Upcoming Classes:

  • Necromancer using scythe. Be the grim ripper himself while executing those enemies. (I am not really sure if this class has already been out in the Official since this class is not yet in the list under the Aura Kingdom Website.) It’s a special class only obtainable by having a level 60 character.
  • Crusader using a giant sword. Be like Saber and have the power, the defense and the ability to recover HP! (This is already out in Private Server.)
  • Ninja. Another great class currently being awaited by Aura Kingdom players.

Game Features:

  • Dual class. If you are torn choosing which class to be, worry not. Aura Kingdom has a dual class system allowing you to play a main class while having 1 subclass. What’s more? Resetting the subclass is free (this is confirmed in the Private Server)!
  • Eidolon system. These deities transformed into being will surely aid you in your battles. Collect them and see their different attacks and boosts.
  • Envoy’s Path. Customize your abilities more! Use the envoy path and get additional skills
  • Guild Hall. Guilds reaching a certain level are granted with their own guild hall! Certainly the best place to hold meetings and events and a place where the family can bond and unite!
  • Mastery. Collect scripts to enhance your desired skills.
  • Secret Stone system. If you want a higher gear score, then leveling your secret stones is a must. It’s like the socket system in Asda.
  • Jobs unrestricted. If other games restricts you to choosing only one job, either as an alchemist, a blacksmith, a tailor, or a cook, Aura Kingdom is different. It allows you to have every job you want to have all at the same time.
  • Free teleportation system from city to city. Unlike other games where you will need to pay to go from city to city, Aura Kingdom lets its players to travel to their hearts content with its tele system.
  • Fishing system. The best means of getting golds if you wish to AFK.
  • Card Battle System. If you are a fan of card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, you will love this system!
  • Guardian System. Bring your intimacy to another level! (This feature has already been released in the Private Server).

Aura Kingdom is certainly one of the must-try anime MMORPGs there is. While it gives the players a chance to select two classes for one character, the game covers a lot of other game features anime players would want to have.
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