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Hello, all. My name is Austin, and I’m a blogger and a reviewer, among other things. I’ve had a passion for writing since I was young. I’ve always dreamed of writing about anything I can, especially if I enjoy it, and Unime has given an opportunity to do just that.

I’ve been watching anime from a young age. I think my introduction anime was Dimension Fortress Macross. That led me to watching Robotech, and consequently, launched me into the anime scene as a whole. I’m fairly indiscriminate when it comes to anime, and tend to find most any show enjoyable. In that same vein, however, I’ve also been told I’m a harsh critic of even the shows I love. I’m not going to lie and say that a show I like is good just because I like it, cause I’ll be honest, I’ve enjoyed some pretty dumb shows.



Among all of that, I frequent a variety of different game genres, systems and PCs, and dabble in a multitude of other entertainment mediums. Of course, I’m not self proclaimed professional, but I am willing to say that I’m an educated person, and I’ll let that stand, expand, and fall on its own merit.

Thank you all for giving me a shot. I hope I can add to this roller coaster and not just become another piece of the track. I look forward to being an active part of the community!

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