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Back to School Special – Casual Cosplay


Fall is approaching so you know what that means. Time to crack open those textbooks and survive another school year. From late night study sessions and having to wake up early, there is one thing everyone gets excited about. FASHION. Everyone wants to make a good first impression. Afterall, new year, new you!

With this I decided to do casual cosplay. Walking out your front door in full on cosplay may not be the most practical thing to do. I picked some of my favorite anime characters and put together outfits that are wearable everywhere. Think of it as inspiration for you next shopping spree!

Let’s begin!

Mirai Kuriyama Fashion Complete

Who wouldn’t want to dress like Mirai? She’s absolutely adorable! Her look is feminine yet put together. You can dress it up or dress it down.

Nana Osaki Complete

Looking for a more edgy look? Look no further than Nana Osaki! Lead singer of the band Black Stones her look demands attention and so should you!

Touka Kirishima Complete

 The simplest of the three, Touka has a very casual look. You can mix and match this outfit since the pieces are of neutral colors. Very versatile so what’s not to love?

Regardless of what your style is there is something for everyone. From feminine, edgy or simple you can mix and match anything that I put together to create your own unique look. That’s the beauty of fashion. There are no rules. Maybe there are anime characters whose style you are really into. Look at what they’re wearing and figure out how you can turn their outfits into something wearable for you. What’s cooler than casually dressing like an anime character? Also, you don’t need a lot of money to look this good.

Now, get out there and have a great school year!

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