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Back to School: Going Back In Style


Summer has finally come to a close and it’s time for fall! Not only is the season ending, but school is back in session! Wondering what you’re going to wear? Never fear! I got you covered. In today’s article we’re gonna take some cues from some of our favorite anime characters and create casual cosplays from them!

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Not All Friendships Involve Humans


This month is all about friendship! And while there are plenty of anime that fit this bill, I would like to discuss Kill la Kill! More specifically, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu! I know, I know, it’s a girl and a sailor uniform. Anyone who isn’t familiar with the anime – Senketsu can talk. Which is all the more reason to talk about this amazing duo!

It’s not your typical friendship especially when your best friend is an article of clothing that transforms and then you’re a lean, mean, badass fighting machine. I mean really, take a look at some of this fight! However, we are talking about their relationship today. Their first encounter wasn’t of your normal fashion- Ryuko came across him on accident. He had awakened when blood from a reopened wound dripped on him. In a desperate act he forcefully put himself on Ryuko so he wouldn’t fall asleep again and become inactive.


Throughout the series you watch them become closer. Even with the ups and down they sill have eachothers back (no pun intended). You also got to see a softer side of Ryuko as she immediately came off as stubborn and reckless before she met Senketsu. You watch as Ryuko and Senketsu form the kind of bond we all want. Someone who will make us see our faults but still fight with and for us. Who doesn’t want that?

Kill la Kill had a number of dynamics worth mentioning but Ryuko and Senketsu caught my attention as it’s not everyday you become best friends with an article of clothing. If you haven’t watched Kill la Kill you should def give it a go. Aside from talking clothes (haha) there is plenty of action from beginning to end, character development is phenomenal with a kickass soundtrack to match and it’s just overall great story telling.

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