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Millennium Snow Volume 1 [Thoughts]


Hey guys!

So today I have a manga I’ve read a couple times before, and one I’ve owned for a couple of years. I had bought volumes one and two and had to wait ages before volumes three and four were released (I have yet to buy those unfortunately).

Millennium Snow English volume 1 cover.jpg
© VIZ Media

Millennium Snow is a four volume vampire and werewolf manga by Bisco Hatori, the creator of the much loved and known Ouran High School Host Club. 

The story starts off by introducing the female protagonist, Chiyuki who has been constantly in and out of the hospital since she was born because she has a weak heart. Chiyuki also mentions that on the day of her birth her death had already been decided – it was unlikely that she’d live past the age of fifteen.

Now, seventeen, Chiyuki’s life is confined to the hospital, however, it’s there that she meets a boy in black named Toya. A vampire, he claims, and Chiyuki can’t help but find him strange. After all, what kind of vampire dislikes blood?

Before I start complaining, I’d like to say that this story isn’t bad. I don’t think I would have read it more than once if I thought it was, however, like most things, I do have quite a few complaints.

First up is the art. The style is actually nice and it’s something I would definitely read. Considering that art can make or break my choice in picking up a series, this is a good sign! However, the anatomy just didn’t look correct a lot of the times. There would be scenes were heads and shoulders just didn’t make sense and where the characters just became extremely elongated. Even in the cover picture you can see this. I mean, that tiny head for such a long body just doesn’t make sense…

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First Impression: Haikyuu Season 2 [Ep. 1 – 3]


Hey guys!

So I know I’m super behind on the summer season and I know I said I’d catch up, however, I just couldn’t resist checking out Haikyuu season 2! Being a fan of the first season I was super excited to hear that it would be getting a season 2 in the fall (finally, it only took forever).

Picking up where season 1 left off, we relive the inevitable loss of Karasuno through Hinata’s eyes as he’s blocked during an intense play against Aobajosai. However, not all is in vain as Karasuno put up a fight and their final score was an impressive 33 to 31 (third set).

© Sentai Filmworks. Screenshots via Crunchyroll

In terms of music, the opening and ending of Haikyuu have completely blown me away. I really enjoyed the opening for season one though honestly I can’t recall the ending. Here though I was captivated enough by the music and visuals to watch both beginning and ending all the way through on all three episodes. 

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Attack on Movie: An In-Depth Discussion on the Attack on Titan Movies With Lynsette (Part 2)


Hey guys!

Here is part 2 of the Attack on Titan movies, just as we promised on Thursday. In Part 1 we talked about some of our expectations, the main characters (Mikasa, Shikishima, and Eren), the plot, and Titans. In today’s post we’ll be exploring some of our favorite aspects from the two movies, the parts we weren’t particularly satisfied with, and the ending, as well as giving our final verdict on the release.

Again, I’d like point out that there will be spoilers from here on out so if you don’t like spoilers, don’t read! (As much as it pains us we wouldn’t want to spoil the movies for you) Enjoy~

Q: Characters and scenes we liked and didn’t like (the Best, the OK, and the Not So Great…)?

Crimson: I didn’t like the fact that the ocean was on the other side of the wall, I really enjoyed Sasha and Armin as a couple, and I can never look at a red apple again without remembering Shikishima. He has thoroughly corrupted apples for me. Some characters I loved were Sannagi (a.k.a. Ax dude) and Hange (her personality was just so contagious).

Jean was probably the only character I felt very little for, so when he died I didn’t care. It also happened super quickly and if you weren’t paying attention you could have totally missed it. I don’t think the actual characters mourned either, haha. Besides, all he ever did was try to steal the spotlight. Unfortunately, Eren and Mikasa don’t make either of these lists. They just felt really bland to me, in comparison to other characters.

© Toho (Via Youtube)

Lyn: Sasha and Armin were cute. They made a good team. Armin makes bombs and explosions and she shoots arrows to protect him while working. Jean was a coward from beginning to end. He didn’t do anything to show his bravery like he did in the manga or anime.

I kind of wondered though why Sasha was hanging around Mikasa all the time during part two of the movie. 

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Time Killers Manga Review


Hey guys!

Today I bring you a manga review on Time Killers, a short story compilation by Kazue Kato, the creator of Blue Exorcist. It’s a book I picked up a while back at ACEN.

© VIZ Media

The titles in the book are The Rabbit and Me, Tomato, A Warrior Born of the Red Earth, Usaboy!!, A Guide to Princess Clothes, Highway of Life Stray Star, Nirai, Master and I, A Maiden’s Prayer, Astronerd, and The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident, making this a total of 11 stories.

It’s a book you can definitely relate to Kazue Kato and looking through it I’m slightly afraid I’ll make connections between these characters and those from Blue Exorcist. For example, the cover features an array of characters from the collection but all I can think are Yukio, Shiemi, and Kuro, though that may have to do with the fact that the supposed prototype for Blue Exorcist is enclosed within these very pages!

**If you’d like to check out my thoughts on each individual one shot please check out part 1 and part 2 reviews on my blog. ** 

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What is your current OTP?


Hey guys!

Here comes another question following the anime club discussion we had a few weeks back! Though this time I’d like to throw out the question of OTPs. You see, the other day I was added to a list on Twitter called AZ Hell, which I admit, I kind of still reside in, but even more than that I am currently obsessed with Diamond no Ace.

© Madhouse, Production I.G

Now, if you haven’t heard of it, Diamond no Ace is a sports anime focused on a ball of sunshine named Sawamura Eijun who goes to Seido, a powerhouse high school in Tokyo, in order to develop his skills as a pitcher. The ultimate goal is to become the team’s Ace and lead them to victory at the Koushien championships.

I actually wrote up a first impression a few months back and need to get a mid-season reaction/thoughts post written up soon. And considering all the junk I recently bought it would be more accurate to say I’m in Daiya Hell (and I’m loving every minute of it), but how does this relate to OTPs? Well, my current OTP just happens to be Miyuki x Sawamura

Gah, don’t look at me like that! I never said the OTP had to be canon! 😛 

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10 School Themed Yaoi Manga to Read


Hey guys! 😀

So it’s already mid-October and for those people like me who are in a trimester system at school it means midterms and soon-to-be finals. It pretty much feels like we’re finally coming to an end to school but it just doesn’t want to let you go peacefully.

I know that this can get stressful sometimes (all the time) so I made a list of yaoi manga to help those lovely fujoshi/fudanshi de-stress (procrastinate). And even if you still have class until December, please, join in the BL reading, I’m sure it can help keep you warm, what with the recent drop in temperatures

To not make this list infinite, I’ve decided to ‘limit’ the recommendations to only 10. I know, I know, it’s terrible but I don’t want to be the cause of people failing their classes! Or do I…? And because our topic is boy’s love, please be aware that if someone accidentally looks over your shoulder while you’re on the train or whatever you use for transportation purposes, they might give you the stink eye!

Unless they’re also fans. Then you’ll have a weirdo trying to look at all the yaoi-y goodness radiating off your electronic device (or physical copy).

Like I’m accustomed to doing, there will be links in the titles which will direct you to MAL for a summary of the series. And if you have any questions or want to fangirl/boy over these titles, please leave a comment at the end. I will reply in earnest!

Oh and we’re starting soft and ending with some very uncensored reads 😉

1. Lucky Number 13 by Kotetsuko Yamamoto

© Gentosha

Word around campus is that Satou Hiroshi never lasts more than a week with a partner. Why? Because whenever he starts dating someone his extreme clumsiness (‘curse’) is transferred to his partner and people can’t handle the constant abuse they receive from unknown and strange sources. And of course, Tsumabuki, a 6 foot tall baseball otaku is definitely not the exception, so why has he lasted more than a week?

Really enjoyed this manga. It’s only two volumes long, the art is beautiful, and the situations that our two protagonists face are extremely hilarious! I highly recommend checking out more of her stories! I also ranted about this on my blog which you can read here but beware, there are major spoilers, haha! 

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Crimson’s Connection: FREE!! Iwatobi Swim Club


Hey guys! 🙂

So Unime decided to have this ‘weekly topics’ thing recently and for our first prompt we decided to talk about connections. At first I was slightly confused as to what this could possibly mean. I thought it had something to do with an anime that really impacted us and, therefore, got us into the genre but after some discussing I found that the ‘connections’ prompt could be something outside of that.

© Kyoto Animation/ Animation Do via Wikipedia

And thus I decided to talk about FREE!!, the sports anime with all the handsome bishounen who like to strip naked (not really but kind of) and be chum-chum with each other. Now, I do warn that this post is going to get a bit ranty and negative towards a certain shark toothed bishie so if you don’t like spoilers or want to hear me hate on your favorite character, please turn back now!

I probably won’t be too harsh…but I can’t promise anything…haha

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Tokyo Ghoul Collector’s Edition [Season 1]


Hey guys!

I was looking through my gmail earlier today and happened to stumble upon this very nice piece of Funimation love and thought I’d share! I don’t know how long this has been up for but if you’re a Tokyo Ghoul fan there is a collector’s edition for season 1 for preorder!

© Funimation

What is included? Episode commentaries, Japanese commercials, promotional videos, preview collection, textless opening and closing songs, U.S. trailer, trailers, a 60 page artbook, a 40 page blank journal resembling Kaneki’s ‘Monochrome of Rainbows’, fabric poster, 4 art cards, and a collector’s edition box showing Rize and Kaneki’s transformation.

4 Discs (2 Blu Ray and 2 DVD) with episodes 1 – 12

Cost: $97.49 (25% saving)

Release Date: 9/22/15

I really want this but I can’t afford to buy stuff right now! At the same time though, I probably wouldn’t buy this even if I did have money, haha! For one I already bought this on itunes a little after it finished airing? And even though I said I’d buy the physical copy…I’m…struggling…price…! But I know others like this sort of thing so I thought I’d share 😀

Also, considering the regular DVD and Blu Ray pack costs ~$50 this bundle actually sounds very tempting…

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Crimson’s Top 5 Anime!


Hey guys!

So I noticed that there was this ‘Top 10 Anime’ list going around and I thought I’d make a contribution! Like always though, I’m going to bend the rules (I know I’m such a cheater ヾ((>□<)ノ。o○ )!!

Instead of posting my top 10 anime I’m only going to post my top 5, why you ask? Because it’s been awhile since I really watched something and I don’t want to pick a show I have vague memories about. Also, my anime selections recently haven’t exactly been the best…so I leave 5 slots open for potential candidates 🙂 I’ve also divorced myself of the manga adaptations since this is an anime top 5.

I’ve left MAL links in case anyone is interested in summaries and other anime info! These shows are not ordered by hierarchy, each one is number 1 for specific reasons, enjoy!

1. Kuroko no Basket

My (so far) all time favorite sports anime! Not that I’ve watched much but I’m getting there, slowly but surely expanding in that genre…haha.

© Crunchyroll, Daisuki

There is just so much that I love about this anime and hardly anything I hate (I only hate the bad guys but that’s to be expected since they were just pure evil here! Kirisaki Daichi High). But the biggest reason I enjoyed this show was the intensity and fantastical way that basketball was played. I’ve never been a fan of sports and watching would just bore me but this show was epic and educational in a way. Really exposed me to some terms and rules that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. Now I could probably semi-understand a real game, haha.

That coupled with the bonds between characters, Kuroko’s tenacity and dedication, and the irony of Kuroko being the winner really makes this an anime that will be staying in my top anything for a very long time! Not to mention all that man-flesh getting chum chum, talking about forever and together and light/shadow.

2. Cardcaptor Sakura

© NIS America

Everything, I love everything! First watched this when I went to Mexico and bought this bootleg DVD with the whole series on it (don’t judge I was 12, haha).

Watched the movies so many times (my favorite is The Sealed Card but I also like The Movie…!), went back to watch the anime legally years later, read the manga, bought the manga, and tried to buy the anime (only to not find it anywhere)! I do own one of the movies on VHS though 🙂

There’s just something about Sakura and her love for her family and friends that just draws me in. It’s also super adorable (all her cute outfits)! And it’s not just her but Tori (ever the lovable big brother), Yukito (damn that uber adorable smile and appetite), Shaoran (the once rival turned romantic interest), etc!

I’d binge on this whenever and not get tired. And the best part is that the BL is real! Oh so heavenly~

3. Vision of Escaflowne

© Funimation

Another anime that I watched some time ago but that I’ve revisited so many times! I decided to pick this one over the movie for two reasons: the art is much better (though those noses really get to me sometimes) and there’s actual development. But I have nothing against the movie, haha

I think this was one of the first few mecha anime I ever watched and enjoyed, probably because it was so romance oriented (I see you Hitomi). And because Van is so amazing~ He is dedicated and my heart goes out to him because it only took Hitomi 24 or 25 episodes to realize she liked liked Van (not to mention the fall of Fanelia and Balgus)

The music is also epic, thanks to Yoko Kanno and Hajime Mizoguchi! There were some really nice battle scenes, the relationships between the characters (Merle to Van, Eriya/Nariya to Folken, Prince Child to Allen, Dilandau to Allen, etc) were really interesting, the issues of doubts and Dilandau’s duo personality, etc.

Ok I just found this out but apparently there are light novels! I want them…

4. Beyond the Boundary

© Sentai Filmworks

One of my few newer anime that I thoroughly enjoyed! This one was also recommended to me by my brother (he influences a lot of what I see).

The animation was great, the look gorgeous (though I’m sure it’s not the best out there but I loved it), and the story was just so sad! I usually complain about how I don’t want another romance story but when I watch them I tear up so much, especially if things don’t end in happiness. In this things don’t actually end up bad, but those last two episodes really got me and I pretty much cried.

I know there are two movies out, one that recaps the series and the other that shows what happened a year later, and it’s on my to-watch, priority high! Though I’m not sure where to watch it…need to find it, haha. Very adorable anime that sometimes bordered along nonsensical (I see you episode 6)

5. Fooly Cooly

© Funimation

And the last but certainly not the least, FLCL!

I know, I know. There’s nothing about this show that makes sense but it’s that insanity that I just adore! I was instantly hooked from the first episode when Haruko runs Takkun over up to when they’re battling it out in the middle of the city over Atomsk.

I know a lot of people say this is a story about a kid going through puberty and growing up, and I can see that but I like it just because it’s wacky. I leave you with a random funny scene where Naota goes into the kitchen to eat with his family only to find ‘the Vespa Woman’ in there too

“What’s fooly cooly?” – Dad

“How should I know, I’m still in grade school! You think I’m that crazy?!” – Takkun

“Ha Ha—-! Ha Ha Ha—-!” – Dad

OK! That is all for my top 5, I’m currently trying to expand my anime watching, hoping to find 5 more series to add this list. I’m considering Ace of Diamond because I’ve been enjoying it so far but it’s still way too early to say for sure.

I also surprised myself when I didn’t add Attack on Titan because I was so obsessed with that show but then I realized I was more obsessed with Levi and Eren…together…haha! Same with Aldnoah Zero…the Slaine feels are still too strong!

Anyways, any anime recommendations would be greatly appreciated and I’ve got a terrible backlog but I’ll most likely get to them one day…

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