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Looking For Anime Bloggers!


Calling all Anime Bloggers & Writers!

UnimeTV is now recruiting staff were looking for dedicated and interesting bloggers & writers! We’re now looking to increase the amount of articles we put out everyday. As you can imagine, having a Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, forum, and blog to keep up with can be very tiring. To lessen the workload we’re in need of more staff!!

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100 Episodes of Super and Over 35 Years of Dragon Ball


Over Three Decades

Dragon Ball Super, Kale

Over 35 years have passed since the start of the Dragon Ball franchise. The end of episode 99 set the mood in for Dragon Ball Supers' 100th episode by including a major part of the DB universe: "The Legendary Super Sayian." Reviled in the last episode Kale is shown transforming into what I like to call "Super Sayian G."  Broly the Legendary Super Sayian was the original  Super Sayian G, with a lot of Kale's features being taken right from him which actually isn't a problem. In order to fully understand episode 100 and each easter egg presented you must truly be a fan.

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Unime Is Calling all Anime Bloggers And Writers!


Our Mission’s Uniting Anime One Fan At A Time

We’re now recruiting bloggers dedicated and aspiring writers! Are you an anime fan and also a blogger? Then come fill out an application its that simple. As you can imagine, having an ever growing fanbase means more content and less downtime. To keep up with the latest anime news and reviews we needs bloggers like you! Even if you don’t have to much free time one of the perks with working for Unime is a flexible schedule. All articles we publish are filled with the most recent and up to date news in the anime community.

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Just 3 Of Many Reasons Why The 90’s Was Awesome


The Golden Age Of Anime

If you grew up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s then you know first hand how awesome anime was. With titles like Rouroni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cow Boy Bebop and many more, some didn’t get to shine. It wasn’t the fact that they were less appealing or badly written, rather unseen. With a much bigger platform for sharing information finding out about anime isn’t hard today. Things like the internet, social networking, marketing and better branding has brought hits like One Punch Man and Attack On Titan. We didn’t have any of that back in the 90’s. People in the United States depended on word of mouth and, sadly, cable.

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ghost in the shell
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Will they control The Major? – Ghost In The Shell


Are you buying a ticket to see The Major next month?

It’s been a few days since the release of Ghost In The Shell’s new trailer and fans weren’t disappointed. This trailer topped its predecessors by having a bag with even more goodies to see. Everything from huge explosions, awesome hand to hand combat scenes, and some pretty off the wall CGI. The opening scene with the geisha robots on all four limbs paved the way for the rest of the preview. Even without seeing the film we can tell Scarlett Johansson does a good job of connecting with ‘The Major’s’ character. By showing the puzzle she’s slowly trying to connect within her mind in order to uncover herself.

The Major - Ghost In The Shell

A few things we can expect from the film

With this being a live action film adaptation you can expect some change. Unlike its anime/manga counterpart this film is taking a different course in terms of telling The Major’s story. We know that she will be coming to terms with who she is. The first set of questions arise, does a fully prosthetic body and a cybernetic brain still classify her as human? With a new villain appearing, by the name of Kuze, to help her answer these questions and present a huge conspiracy that only The Major can tackle.

Now there has been backlash from fans due to the fact that the movie isn’t following the “original” story. One thing many have failed to notice, however, is this is a live action remake. If it followed the original step-by-step you wouldn’t feel any true reason to go see it. You can pass this one up because of its new direction on the franchise or suck it up and have some fun on March 31st, 2017!

Check out the trailer below and don’t forget to tell us if you will be watching in the comment section below!

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ghost in the shell movie
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Will you be watching Ghost In The Shell in 2017?


Will this be the movie to spawn more spin offs?

Upcoming Ghost In The Shell live-action film’s probably one of the most hyped anime based movies of the past decade. Being based on an anime, which came out almost two decades ago, just shows how loved this franchise truly is. Following our main protagonist, Major Motoko Kusanagi, who has a fully prosthetic body due to tragic events in her past.

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Welcome To Our Upgraded Site!


Hello anime fans and bloggers alike welcome to our upgraded site!

After a few weeks of tweaking and fiddling around, our website is now fully upgraded! To accompany our new site are a few more changes to Unime. We’re currently looking for more anime bloggers to add to our crew. You can apply by going to the top of our site and clicking “Join The Team” in our navigation bar.

We will be sending out weekly newsletter to our already massive group of email subscribers. Become a subscriber now to get our articles sent right to your inbox. When you do so your also entered into our anime raffle where you can win anime merchandise. So enjoy the new look and keep watching anime!

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Berserk Anime
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Berserk TV Series And Manga Set To Return In 2017



Berserk Will Be Back in Early 2017!

The last episode of Berserk season one aired on September 16th and now fans are in a panic. With both Kentaro Miura’s manga recently stopping at Volume 38 and now the animated series, the long wait begins. To recap the 2016 series Guts finally reunites with Casca after his long journey in search of Griffith. The two have no time to share however as Gut’s true foe is brought back right before his very eyes. Griffith’s reborn in a human body using the fetus of Guts’ and Casca’s demon child in order to resume his mission to conquer the world.

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Getting An Animated Series


Alola Raichu


As everyone awaits the arrival of Pokemon Sun & Moon, the newest Pokemon game coming to nintendo. You should also be waiting on the new TV series which will be airing in November on TV Tokyo. The series will be a bit different than what pokemon fans are use to because Ash will now be going too school. While in the mean time meeting Kapu Kokeko, the god of Alola in the process.

Pikachu Z Move

With the introduction of Z-Moves give pokemon a whole new variety of ways to attack. It also brings in different ways for pokemon to truly stick out in their respective nature or type. Ash will have to learn a whole new set of tricks and learn more about the vast continent that is Alola. Keeping an eye on the TV series will definitely give you a hand while playing the game.


There’s also a lot of hype regarding Serena whose one of ash’s oldest friends. She almost reminds you of Misty who also shared a very close bond with Ash. There was actually a petition a few months back to get her into Alola. While there has been no official word of her being in the new series more people continue to sign the petition. Currently it has over 22,883 supporters and is still growing.

What are your thoughts on the new route Alola will be taking. Do you think Serena should be in the new series and what about Ash going to school? Don’t forget to drop a comment below with your opinion!

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5 Things To Know About Anime Fans


When it comes to anime and it’s community there are 5 things that you should know. Anime fans are truly a unique group of individuals from all different ethnic backgrounds and religions. Like any other fandom there’s a vast majority of reasons why anime can attract millions of people. In this article you’ll learn just 5 of the many reasons as to why anime is so popular around the world!

#1 Food

Anime Food

The food in anime is definitely one of the biggest attractions to fans. Most of the food that is shown in anime you can actually make yourself at home. Japanese cuisine is always fun because of the cool designs you can make and the epic lunch boxes. It’ll make you jump right onto Google and Pinterest just to find recipes on how to make them. One of the most popular foods in anime is Ramen and due to the hundreds of ways to make it. It’s become something that everyone tries to make a home recreate at home. Caution: Watching your favorite character munch down on delicious looking food is enough to get your stomach growling.

#2 Merchandise

Anime Merchandise

If you ask any anime fan what leaves a hole in their pocket they’d tell you collecting anime merchandise! Going to anime conventions around the United States can cost an attender hundreds of dollars. But it’s something that each anime fan can say is totally worth the money. Whether your getting a limited addition blu-ray copy of your favorite anime or collecting rare action figures. Each item that anime fans collect are like a token of accomplisment to share with their friends or family. I remember getting my first ever DBZ action figure with the kung fu grip!

#3 Knowledge 


With the library of anime now growing into the thousands one couldn’t possible expect to watch them all. However each anime fan makes it a mission catch em all so to speak. Over the years anime has produced more genre to tailor to specific audiences. Some being more totally comedic while others have a more serious plot with multiple arcs. Two of the biggest names right now in anime are Naruto and One Piece together they have over a thousand manga release to date. While the animated series aren’t too far behind either. If you wanted to catch up on both the series you’re in for a few months of binge watching and reading.

#4 Personality


Anime fans are usually very happy people and while that may be because of different reasons it’s always true. When an anime fan meets another it’s quite interesting because the first thing they do is talk about anime they’ve seen. Comparing the vast library from anime that have found a place in their heart. Can leave a conversation going on for hours because anime just has the power to connect people with different interests. When you go online you can find thousands of anime clubs and groups even gatherings. Finding other people that share their interest and passion with anime. 

#5 Dedication 


Around the United States there are anime conventions held every year. Whether it be dressing up as their favorite anime character or just going to meeting distant anime friends. Anime fans show a very high level of consistency and dedication to their niche. The anime community actually has one of fastest growing fanbases right now. Ever since the internet and social media joined the stage anime has been shared with millions around the globe. This has influenced studios to push the boundaries of animation and storytelling each year!

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