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Why Erased Kept It’s Audience At The Edge Of Their Seat


ERASED was an anime that got swept under the rug against anime like Yuri!!! On Ice, but also a ‘rare’ anime that surprised the community in its deliver of mystery and horror in it’s genre.

I’m usually a tough critic on anime’s when it comes to things like plot, character development and of course story line. From the first episode to the second episode of Erased, I couldn’t wait to see what was next for Satoru Fujinuma.

Protagonist Satoru Fujinuma at the age of 29 in the beginning of Erased

The essence of good deeds and evil is the same. They’re both no more than a person’s actions to make up for a defect in themselves.


Our main character is a failing manga writer who has no real hope of making it in his desired profession. At the beginning, Fujinuma works as a boring pizza delivery guy with nothing happening around him as the crowds and the people pass, thought to have no impact on the story line. From his morose tone, this isn’t going to be the throw-away anime you would expect and Erased will begin to take you on a ride.

Then, as if fated, something happened and a butterfly flew in front of his face. This set off a chain of events that led to him back to the scene of where he passed by a kid trying to cross the street. One of those people he passes earlier in the time frame that you possibly just bypassed as a viewer, dismissing it as a needless character who didn’t deserve screen time.

Unfortunately, later in the first episode of the anime it will take a gripping and maturely dramatic turn as he loses someone closer to him than he could have imagined: his mother. Due to his mother dying in the first episode, our protagonist is forced to go on the run, pinned for the murder of his mother. Erased took the unique approach with this aspect as they telegraphed the moment but immediately pinned it on Fujinuma, who -of course- ran.

Divine intervention would thrust Fujinuma backwards in time where he has to find the real killer while he’s a child, stop the murder of countless other kids and of course end the murder of his mother before his life comes up forfeit.

Erased will perpetually capture your attention throughout each episode, leaving you waiting for the next complex twist. You’ll even be screaming out to Fujinuma and hope that he doesn’t fall prey to the same killer who he’s trying to stop throughout.

The suspension in this anime builds rather quickly throughout each point in the story, and the sub-characters will also give you a different view in a way as things from the past ultimately had a bigger impact now that our 29-year-old child protagonist is aware of what’s going on around him.

Every time it seems like he walks past a possible deadly scene or a dead-end is imminent there will be a breakthrough in Fujinuma’s development to help guide the story that once seemed bleak. It will become that much more clearer late in the series.

Going deeper in would imply some serious breakdowns and spoilers so I’ll end this fun ride here. It’s worth a viewing during a late night in October when the itch for a murder-mystery thriller anime comes knocking late at night.

Buckle up! Erased is one bumpy ride and FUNImation didn’t miss with this one. Erased is also viewable on Crunchyroll now.

Crunchyroll and FUNImation currently have Erased available to stream on their respective sites.
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