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[B.T.S.S.] School With A Twist

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Going to school sucks, right? It kinda does, but you know what’s worse? Going to work. Because jobs are usually nastier, they take more time and, overall, just make you tired and unhappy.

So this, boys and gals, is that back to school post for those who wake up at 6 AM so they can spend 2 hours stuck in traffic. For those who have to carefully guard their lunch everyday. For those who wish they could go back to school because they didn’t have to worry about unpaid bills back then. Hang in there, young fellas. I feel you.

My name is Ruki and I work 9 hours a day, most of the time including weekends. And the anime series on this list inspired me to keep going.

(them and my passion for not being poor)

1. Hataraki Man

hataraki man

Nothing to make you feel less miserable than a woman working at least as much as you do. Hiroko is a young journalist who’s extremely passionate about her job. So passionate that she sometimes forget what real food is and how comfortable a bed can be. Not to mention the fact that she can rarely find time for socializing or, you know, for having sex with her boyfriend. But she loves her job, okay? Which makes you want to love your job too. It makes you want to enter that crappy office and be productive. Because, if she can do it, you can do it too.

2. Servant x Service


Alright. This show might not be the perfect example of what happens in a real office. But then again, I’m not a civil servant so I can’t tell for sure. However, these happy little fellas show you that wearing a badge around your neck doesn’t always mean stupid, boring corporate life. Servant x Service is a lighthearted comedy about a girl whose parents decided to give her a dozen of first names. In order to get revenge on the civil servant who let them do it, she decides to become one herself. However, working with people is not an easy thing to do and Lucy is about to discover that first hand.



Alright. I think everybody and their mammas have seen this show. But you have to admit that it sums up work life quite well. Aoi is eager to enter the fascinating world of anime production and she’s full of enthusiasm. Some of the things she didn’t think of include tight schedules, overtime, stress and basically every bad thing that comes with having a full time job. Seeing her wear herself out in order to solve every problem is extremely motivating. Much like Hataraki Man’s Hiroko, Aoi loves her job and is willing to do everything it takes to complete her tasks. And, I swear to god, this character makes me want to become a better person. At least at work.

Bonus entry – Bartender


The best part of having a job is solving stuff. Completing a tough task. Solving issues.

The second best part, however, is going our on Friday night with your co-workers and drinking your minds out after the most tiresome week in your entire existence.

Bartender is not that much about having a job. Of course, Ryuu is performing his job impeccably: also known as The Glass of God, his passion allows him to make the perfect drink each time. And not only is it impressive to watch all the effort carelessly put into mixing liquids (phrasing intended), but this series also teaches you about all sorts of cocktails. Who knows? Maybe you were made to become the world’s best bartender and you never knew it.

That being said, it’s time for the funniez: what’s the most ridiculous thing that happened at your workplace?

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