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Back to School: Going Back In Style

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Summer has finally come to a close and it’s time for fall! Not only is the season ending, but school is back in session! Wondering what you’re going to wear? Never fear! I got you covered. In today’s article we’re gonna take some cues from some of our favorite anime characters and create casual cosplays from them!

Some people dread it while others absolutely love it, but school is back. And who doesn’t want to look their absolute best on their first day back? No matter where you go, you can always do a laid back cosplay. So let’s begin!

I think the question in regards to this anime is who HASN’T at least heard of Yuri on Ice!!!? It literally took over social media across the board when it first premiered. I personally haven’t watched it (I know, I know, shame on me) but it’s definitely on my to-watch list. While I was looking for characters to reference I came across Victor Nikiforov and this particular outfit he wore whilst ice skating. It’s absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t stop looking at it, haha. For the look I put together, you can dress it up or down. The pieces are minimal and can be mixed and matched with other items that are already in your wardrobe.

The white blouse, pants, pumps, shoulder bag, watch and necklaces are all from H&M so they’re all totally affordable! Also, the lip gloss is from Tart√©. The jacket is on the steep side (sorry!) but this is to give you some ideas as opposed to going out and buying exactly what you see.


Beyond the Boundary is probably one of my favorite anime and Mirai Kuriyama is so adorable, and has the cutest aesthetic. It’s feminine and minimalistic. It’s perfect for school – it’s simple, easy to just throw on and walk right out the door. The pieces I chose are a little “dressier” but can still be worn with other pieces. I also feel this outfit could work for a date or even a girls’ night out. Whatever you decide, you’ll be looking cute no matter what.

The blouse, skirt, cardigan, loafers, necklaces, earrings and tights are all from H&M. The glasses are from Amazon.


I figured I would choose something that’s a bit more comfy out of the three. I also picked my inspiration from Mirai Kuriyama from Free! If you’re having a lazy day then look no further! A nice pair of sweats, a tank, and an oversized shirt and you’re out the door in 5 minutes! This outfit can also double as something to work out in (minus the stripped shirt). Regardless of what you do you’ll be put together and ready to take on the day.

The sweats, tank, shirt, shoes, shoulder bag and bracelet are all from H&M.

No matter what your style is you can always gather inspiration from some of your favorite anime characters! I understand some people may be on a budget, so here’s a tip: Find a few pieces that can be mixed and matched with things that are already in your wardrobe. You’ll be saving money and you’re able to create even more outfits than you could before! I hope this helped some of you. And for the male readers out there I didn’t forget about you. I’ll have a part two for this just for you so stay tuned! Let class begin!

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