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Back to School Specials: 15 Anime Schools You Would Want To Transfer To

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Back to School Specials: 15 Anime Schools You Would Want To Transfer To

Let’s face it anime schools seem way more entertaining than the current schools that we attend. Every day, there is jam-packed action and drama as well as humorous antics from your peers. It makes you want to go to school.

Here is a list of anime schools that you should consider transferring to. These schools offer “excellent” academic classes and allow students to grow and develop as “well-rounded” citizens.

Tokisadame High School (Nichijou)

© Kyoto Animation

You will never have another boring day if you attend this school.

North High (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

© Kyoto Animation

Weird stuff happens.

Afterlife School (Angel Beats)

afterlife_angel beats
© P.A.Works

I think a good majority of us would agree that high school is a horror movie. If you transfer here, you will get a second chance at a high school life…Is that a good thing ? Or a bad thing?

Duel Academy (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

© Studio Gallop

Your parents would question why you would want to transfer here. Well, the answer to that is while dueling, you will be able to improve your problem solving abilities, develop good public speaking skills, and network with your peers who have similar interests as you. Now that is an excellent institution to transfer to.

True Cross Academy (Blue Exorcist)

© A-1 Pictures

Considering a career in exorcism? Go to True Cross Academy.

Saotome Academy (Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%)

© A-1 Pictures

A school that is your gateway to become a star. Plus, you get to be surrounded by guys that should be on the front page of magazines.

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy (Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma)

S ma_arrives_at_Totuski_(anime)
© J.C.Staff

Let’s be honest, your previous school’s lunches were horrible. You are only here for the free food!

Hachimitsu Academy (Prison School)

© J.C.Staff

Building “strong” relationships between male and female students.

Academy City of Zuellni (Chrome Shelled Regios)

chrome shelled regios
© Zexcs

An academy to improve your combat and stealth skills.

Fujimi Academy (High School Of The Dead)

© Madhouse

If the world was about to end due to a zombie apocalypse, I’d die at school.

Ashinaka High School (K)

© GoHands

Why should you go here? It’s a beautiful campus.

Hakoniwa, also known as “The School For Gods” (Kamigami no Asobi)

kamigaminoasobi eo 2 beautiful shackles
© Brain’s Base

It would be nice to be a transfer student at this academy. You are surrounded by Gods.

First High School-A Private Magic University Affiliated High School  (The Irregular At Magic High School)

© Madhouse

Who wouldn’t want to go to a school where you get to learn magic?

Neo-DEAVA Academy (Aquarion EVOL)

© Satelight, 8-Bit

This school just went co-ed. If you are looking for romance, go to this school. You will be surrounded by raging hormonal guys and girls.

Onmyo Academy (Tokyo Ravens)

© 8-Bit

You get to be in-touch with your spiritual side, and learn the practice of onmyoudou (Shamanism).

Know of any other anime schools you would want to transfer to? Let us know in the comments!

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