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Back to School Specials: Tips to Balancing Your Academics and Anime Addiction

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Hello. I’m new here.

Anyway, we’ve all had those late night anime binges that leaves you exhausted near the end, like you’ve been running a marathon on 30 seconds of sleep. However, with both the school and college years coming up rapidly, this could prove…detrimental, to say the least, to your academic endeavors. Seeing as though I am currently in such a predicament myself, and that I’ve actually been ‘smart’ enough to do this on a school night, I’m going to bestow upon you the tips that I’ve developed in order to prevent you from sleeping during whatever standardized test you have to take in your educational careers.

Let’s begin, soon-to-be-enlightened ones.

Tip #1 – Pace Yourself


Now, one of the problem about late night binging is that…well, you’re binging, which means you are watching many episodes consecutively. If you were to cut down on the anime you’d watch in a night, say limiting yourself to two or three episodes, you’d stop yourself from going completely overboard. Myself, I limit myself to 2 episodes a night during a school night, simply because I stay up late as it is, and the Crunchyroll ads probably will equal a third episode anyway.

An alternative to this would be to set up a cut off time, kind of like an “Ota-curfew”, so to speak. So, you can watch as much anime as you can until a time, let’s say 10:00, because 9:00 is for elementary students and kindergartners.

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Tip # 2 – Keep Your Anime Lineup Short


Yup. This is about the size of my anime bucket list too!

It’s no joke that we all have anime lists so big that Santa Claus would say “ho ho, oh no!” to looking at it. Whether you want to watch old classics, hot and new releases, hidden gems, popular treasures, or all of them combined, they’re usually bigger then the amount of anime you’ll watch in 10 of your life time.

But having too many anime can send a person into an anime watching spree, causing them to usually spend long nights to burn through their stupidly large anime queues. Plus, not knowing where to begin on starting on your queue can leave you wondering longer then you’ll actually watch the episode! I’ve actually spent 30 minutes of my short human existence staring at the Crunchyroll search bar, trying to figure out what I was in the mood for.

That’s why I would suggest you set a limit, a definitive limit, on anime you want to watch at a given time. I wouldn’t go anymore then 3, because it gives plenty of wiggle room if you don’t feel like watching your latest episode of One Piece, but also doesn’t give you the feeling of being overwhelmed by having 500 billion shows to watch.

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Tip #3 – Stick to Longer Series

Now, I’m not saying go watch a Shonen Jump anime like One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, or Naruto. What I’m saying, is don’t watch your 13 episode long animes during school nights, like Angel Beats, Plastic Memories, etc.

Random Reader: Gasp! Why would you stop us from watching these works of art!?

Because shut up. How did you even get in here? Anyway, before I was interrupted, shorter animes create this illusion of ‘Oh hey, since this is only 13 episodes, I can watch this easy peasy without having to worry about time!’ Glad it’s a back to school special, because it’s math time.

So, an anime is 13 episodes long, and the episodes themselves are usually 24 minutes without commercials. 13 x 24 = 312 minutes, which equates to roughly 5.2 hours of watching. And this isn’t even including ads on Crunchyroll, which you probably were watching on anyway! If started watching anime a 8 at night, I wouldn’t even be done until 1 in the morning!

Since the anime is shorter, people are more likely to underestimate the true length of it (trust me, I’ve done it), and start watching it to make a night out of it. I think it would be better to watch at LEAST a 25 episode anime so you can get this feeling that ‘hey, maybe I shouldn’t power watch this all night’…which you would be right about.

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Tip #4 – Anime After Academics


Albeit the most different of all the tips list prior, this is the most important one: Your education comes before watching animated characters doing insignificant things in a fictional world. Anime is a hobby, something you do for fun during your free time. However, academics, if you’re currently still in them, are the most important thing that is on your plate. Running with the plate analogy, your education is your big juicy steak, front and center and what you came to eat in the first place; while your anime is like the baked potato that came with your steak, it’s just there to not make you absolutely sick of the taste of steak…or in this case academics.

If you have to study for a big test the next day, but the newest episode of Cardfight!!! Vanguard came out, for the love of Haruhi, study for the friggin test! That episode is waiting, but that test is a one time deal!

Also, if your anime watching habits are interfering with your education in any way, no matter the reason, put it on hold. You can’t afford to screw up school, because that’s the key to your future. And last time I checked, employers don’t accept degrees of ‘weeabooism’.

Wow…quite the rant I went on there.

But anyway, thank you for reading, and I hope my tips gave you some ideas on how to be the world’s best otaku and also the world’s greatest student. Please comment with your own tips, and make sure to come back for more later. Zachary, out.

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    1. Well, I am currently going through with it, so I do know the struggle quite well. I’ve been dumb enough to go to school on 5 hours of sleep because I HAD to finish an anime.

      1. Haha I remember those good old days since I’m suppose to be classed a working adult but technically I am not an adult at heart lol ahh anime just overtakes

  1. Something else that kind of goes with #3 (so you don’t exclude shorter series) is to follow new anime, that way even if you wanted to continue you’d have to wait a week for the next episode xD (this is my current dilemma). I also think it’s harder to keep this schedule of restriction (compared to coming up with methods), I’ve tried it so many times and always fail! Dx I’m doomed! DOOMED (but I try again every semester anyways @__@) Fun read 🙂

  2. Yeah. This is an important topic. Especially for students. And I am one! I’m worried my addiction to anime will overrule my life. But I’ll definitely take your tips to heart.

    1. Glad to see my advice helped someone out. Hope you have a wonderful year of school filled with productive learning…better than what I can say with my year, since all I have is gym, an easy math class, and music. Looks like Imma watch a lot of anime this year lol.

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