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Battle of the Idol Bands: Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love Revolutions Review

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While everyone is focusing on this summer’s anime season, I am still trying to catch up on this spring’s anime list. The anime I’ve been watching is Uta no☆ Prince-Sama♪ Maji Love Revolutions.

If you haven’t heard about the Uta no☆ Prince-Sama♪ series, it is based on a popular otome game published by Broccoli and marketed towards young women. The series consists of three seasons so far, and I just completed the latest one.

After winning the UtaPri Award against the male idol group, HE★VENS, the boys of ST☆RISH have been the buzz among the public. Yet when a new competition arises—the opportunity to be the opening act in the Triple S sporting event—Shining Saotome chooses to enter QUARTET★NIGHT into the contest as oppose to ST☆RISH.

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At first, ST☆RISH respected Shining’s decision, but then they changed their mind after they realized that the possibility of such an offer may not come again. Thus, they talk to Shining and tried to convince him into letting them enter the Triple S contest. ST☆RISH called their cause a “revolution.” Shining ponders on the concept of “revolution” and decides to split the group into cross units as a new project. As newly divided teams, ST☆RISH has to prove themselves worthy to enter the prestigious Triple S competition.

While the ST☆RISH members work in their new cross units, Haruka Nanami works with QUARTET★NIGHT.


I enjoyed watching all three seasons of Uta no Prince-sama, but I feel like season three outshines the other two seasons. The first two seasons felt like an introduction to all the characters; in which each episode focuses on one guy, and the viewers get to explore that character’s personality. The audience also witnesses the main male character of that particular episode’s personal growth.

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Yet for season three, I felt like there is a strong storyline from the beginning of episode one to the end. What I mean is that the members of  ST☆RISH all have one goal in mind, the Triple S entry contest. Also I kind of like how season three shows the idol groups growing and developing as musicians. While in season two, even though they did have a goal—the UtaPri Award—each episode focused on one male protagonist with Haruka.


In season three, ST☆RISH members are seen working as one unit, developing their teamwork skills together. There is more group interaction and issues as oppose to individual struggles. In addition, season three focused more on the members of QUARTET★NIGHT. We get to see their true personalities and back stories which we didn’t get to see in the previous season.

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However, season three doesn’t focus on the romance aspect of Uta no Prince-sama. In the previous seasons, there seems to be some romantic entanglements among the guys of ST☆RISH and Haruka Nanami. Yet in season three, we don’t see as much of that except when Reiji Kotobuki flirts with Haruka. Some people may find it a blessing that this season primarily focuses on the music storyline as oppose to love triangles and constant fan service, but being based on a otome game, there should be some romance going on between characters. Even though Shining has a no romance policy, there should be some dramatic romance elements in the anime. Since this anime has been going on for three seasons (and now a fourth season is coming), I think the anime should have a love line to spice things up a bit.

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Art & Music:

Of course, the music is up to my standards of how idol anime boy bands should be: dazzling, charming, and fantastic.

Also, I enjoy the art style of Uta no☆ Prince-Sama♪. Like I said before in my other posts, I like anime that is bright and colorful, and this anime just does that. All the colors in each scene makes the male protagonists look all shiny and spectacular like how real idols should be.

Unique Factors:

  • All the idol bands names associate with the night sky and celestial bodies. Now, I would like to take this a step further by stating that by using these references about the night, it gives these male characters a mystical persona about them. Look at the pictures below, they are like angels, dazzling and shiny celestial beings from the sky.
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If you haven’t seen season one and two, don’t watch the third season until you watched the previous ones. Even though it tone down a bit, there is still a good amount of fan service for young women. Overall, a good third season, but the ending was a bit of a tease because fans of Uta no☆ Prince-Sama♪ must wait until the fourth season to see what happens next.

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Final Score: 7.5/10

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