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Berserk TV Series And Manga Set To Return In 2017

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Berserk Anime


Berserk Will Be Back in Early 2017!

The last episode of Berserk season one aired on September 16th and now fans are in a panic. With both Kentaro Miura’s manga recently stopping at Volume 38 and now the animated series, the long wait begins. To recap the 2016 series Guts finally reunites with Casca after his long journey in search of Griffith. The two have no time to share however as Gut’s true foe is brought back right before his very eyes. Griffith’s reborn in a human body using the fetus of Guts’ and Casca’s demon child in order to resume his mission to conquer the world.

Berserk has been around for quite some time now releasing games, merchandise, movies and more since the 80’s. Fans who caught up with the manga will finally get to see Guts truly go berserk in the upcoming season 2. The big question is will Guts finally be able to complete his long awaited mission of killing Griffith? Only time can tell but the hype train has already launched!

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  1. Now you might say im jumping on the bandwagon here but i absolutely despise this show. its just plain terrible and its a shame to the holy grail that is berserk

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