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Boruto and Mitsuki – The Ghost Revealed?

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Based on the preview, all I’d really anticipated was finally getting some more substantial information on this “Ghost” and who’s controlling it. Hopefully, that means things will wrapped soon or at least make a huge step forward. I’m also still suspicious of Mitsuki, and wondering what exactly he wants from Boruto.

At the Ninja Academy, the students run through an obstacle course in groups of three. Boruto and Mitsuki stop to help Denki when he falls behind, but doing so uses up the remaining time causing them to fail. However, Shino fails all the teams because some students chose to finish the course rather than help their comrade. Konohamaru and Moegi announce that they will be periodically observing them for the purpose of forming three-man teams, encouraging the students to try different formations. Later, Boruto and his friends discuss the drop in Ghost incidents and wonder if they should continue investigating since the adults have gotten involved but Boruto refuses, saying they’ve come too far to let the adults treat them like kids.

Mitsuki begins to wonder why he stopped to help Denki during their exercise, and notices Boruto helping Iwabe with a math problem. Inojin remarks that Mitsuki’s been paying a lot of attention to Boruto lately and reminds him that Boruto goes to great lengths to avoid being judged as the Hokage’s son. Mitsuki then goes to see Sumire in the hospital and asks her what she thinks about Boruto, saying that Inojin thought she felt the most stress because of him. She says although he causes a lot of trouble, Boruto is still fun to have around. She then asks Mitsuki if he has any family, having thought he was a lot like her. With her family dead, Sumire explains that her seemingly panicked demeanor stems from fear that she is not as skilled as her father was. Mitsuki then asks her how she feels about the person who injured her, and she replies that she just wants it to be over.


The next day, Boruto invites Mitsuki home for dinner and they head up to Boruto’s room. Having learned Naruto would be coming home for dinner, Mitsuki expresses interest in meeting the great hero but Boruto claims that at home Naruto is just a “good-for-nothing dad.” Mitsuki asks if Boruto hates his dad, but just then Hinata calls them down for dinner as Naruto arrives home. However, Naruto senses Shikamaru talking to the shadow clone he’d left in his office, saying that a strange chakra connected to the incidents has been detected spreading across the village and Sai has been sent to investigate. The clone vanishes and Naruto prepares to leave, but Boruto protests and storms out. Mitsuki goes after Boruto who expresses resentment at his father becoming Hokage as it’s made him a workaholic. Mitsuki says that all he sees in Boruto is love for his father, but Boruto rejects him, feeling the Hokage is “someone who sacrifices those closest to him for the sake of the village.” He then resolves to never abandon those close to him and do what his dad couldn’t. Recalling his “parent” saying something similar, Mitsuki tells Boruto that he knows the culprit behind the Ghost incidents.

In retrospect, this whole episode seemed like it was killing time. Since the preview highlighted Mitsuki saying he needed to tell Boruto something, I kinda thought that would happen sooner than it did. I did think he was gonna confess his own involvement, but he seems to have known for a long time who the “ghost” was. The preview shows Mitsuki insisting his revelation is true and Boruto refusing to believe it (seems to be his shtick, doesn’t it?). When Sumire asks Mitsuki if he has any family, he just says “As far as I know.” It almost makes you wonder if he’s purposefully being vague, or there’s more to this “parent” thing than I’ve heard about. And I really hope Boruto stops being a brat about his dad soon. I get that he doesn’t like Naruto working all the time, but he’s gonna have to get over it at some point. My enthusiasm for this series seems to be coming and going very easily. Maybe I was expecting it to follow a similar course to the original series, but I was kinda hoping the plot wouldn’t drag on like this.

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