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Boruto and the Byakugan

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Since the previous episode took a fairly weird turn, I was hoping this episode would be a little more on point. And for the most part, it’s seemed to be. It also looked like we might be close to getting some answers about the strange aura and Boruto’s ability to see it.


Boruto and his friends decide to check out a new movie called Kagemasa in which the hero is a ninja with some sort of visual jutsu and wears a visor to disguise his identity (in a very Lone Ranger- like fashion). While the rest of the gang enjoys the movie, Boruto is dissatisfied with the hero and thought everything seemed “too convenient.” Iwabe agrees that a ninja’s life isn’t that easy, citing Naruto as an example since he’s regarded as a hero in the Great Ninja War, but Boruto insists that he only knows about Naruto’s good side. He goes on to say that his father constantly oversleeps, puts his shoes on the wrong feet, and is always buried in paperwork.

Later on the train home, Boruto and Shikadai discuss the strange aura, thinking the damage might be spreading outside the Academy. Wondering if it’s alright for just them to be involved, Shikadai suggests talking to Naruto about it but Boruto stubbornly refuses. At home, he summons a few shadow clones and they speculate about the incidents. Even the clones suggest he talk to Naruto about it, but Boruto still refuses, thinking that if he tells the adults, they’ll tell the kids to stay out of it. Still stuck on figuring out why only he can see the aura, Boruto ducks out and heads to a convenience store where he runs into Shikadai. The two begin to wonder if Boruto’s ability to see the aura is somehow related to the Byakugan. They suddenly notice Mitsuki nearby who suggests Boruto ask about the Byakugan, and although Boruto is reluctant to do so, they all agree there’s nothing more he can do until he finds out more about it.

That night, Boruto dreams a mysterious figure (who looks very familiar) tells him that his eye is the “star of hope” against him eventual distraction and that it will shoulder the fate of the world. Boruto then wakes up to notice a slight change in his vision. Hurrying to the mirror, he sees that his eye has activated and becomes intensely excited, suddenly adopting a Kagemasa-esque persona. Meanwhile, Shikamaru reports to Naruto saying that they’ve turned up cases of people acting strangely near the Academy, all of whom showed signs of a disruption with their chakra. Noting that Boruto was in the vicinity of each incident, they begin to wonder if he is the target but find no motive to support the theory  (since they believe each time Boruto was just being nosy). Upon arriving, Hinata tells them Boruto has suddenly been acting strangely, now confidently declaring that he’s awakened the Byakugan.

Perhaps feeling a sense of déjà vu, Naruto asks Boruto if he stole the Scroll of Sealing (remember that? ^_^). Shikamaru  explains that the scroll contains forbidden jutsu and that “someone like that” once stole it when they were kids. Boruto tells them not to lump him in with “a guy like that” (I swear, I laughed out loud) and reiterates that he’s awakened the Byakugan. Being told that the Byakugan normally requires intense training before it can manifest, Boruto is convinced he must be a genius. Since Himawari’s Byakugan apparently awakened out of the blue, they can’t completely dismiss the possibility that they remain skeptical, much to Boruto’s chagrin. Hinata suggests that Boruto go talk to his grandfather, who would know whether or not his eye really is the Byakugan.

Later, Naruto takes the kids to the Hyuga family compound where Hiashi and Hanabi are waiting to greet them. While Hanabi plays with Himawari outside, Hiashi explains that while the Byakugan is a kekkei genkai unique to the Hyuga clan, not every Hyuga can awaken it and not everyone who does can master it. He also confirmed that it takes intense training and practice in order to awaken the Byakugan, and that Boruto will be aware of that when he uses his. He also was that he cannot yet determine whether or not Boruto has truly awakened it, and invites him to test it out in a sparring match.

To be perfectly honest, I’m a little tired of Boruto bellyaching about his dad so much. Yes, Naruto sometimes it works a little too much, but I think Boruto complains too much about it. I really don’t remember all that much about Hiashi Hyuga, but I was very surprised to see him acting like a typical anime grandpa.

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