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Boruto and the Ghost Incident

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Putting the origin of his new power on the back burner for now, Boruto is increasingly determined to privately determine the cause of the incidents, foolishly brave as that sounds. Frankly, it’s only a matter of time before the adults find out and Boruto realizes he needs help.

Boruto scans the town, obviously attempting to activate his new occular power and spot the mysterious aura, now dubbed “the ghost.” Unsure whether the incidents are caused by something contagious or some other cause, Boruto is now desperate to solve the case before their fathers. They make plans to continue tomorrow, using an absence excuse note to skip class. Although, their biggest mistake was leaving the note up to Mitsuki. The three of them are rounded up and reprimanded, with Boruto and Shikadai left at the mercy of their mothers. Besides having mixed up priorities, Boruto seems to think saying he was an important job to do with virtually no details given is a good enough reason for skipping school. Hinata believes Boruto is merely trying to get his father’s attention as he grew up hearing stories of Naruto’s heroism. Despite Naruto’s workaholic tendencies, Shino advises her to talk to Naruto about the situation, as he is a father first and Hokage second.

Later, Shino announces the day’s lesson: workplace experience. The students are tasked with branching off in groups of three choosing an occupation to learn hands-on. Taking Shino’s subtle hint that they can choose where to work, the ghost hunting trio chooses the post office as it would enable them to walk around town. Naturally, Boruto is pretty cocky about how easy the job is until the bureau chief reprimands them for their crooked arm bands and dirty nails, insisting the post office is kept alive by the “spirit of organization and neatness.” Their supervisor Tayori takes them around on his route, and they find the job requires more energy than they thought. In the midst of his lookout, Boruto notices his father at some sort of opening ceremony nearby. Naruto comes over to chat, having heard about the workplace experience from Hinata. After entrusting his son to Tayori (who seems star struck about meeting the Hokage), Naruto takes off and Boruto declares that they split up to deliver the mail faster. Regrouping later, Mitsuki reports that he overheard about a ghost incident at Senju Park.

Meanwhile at the park, Sai investigates the scene, finding most of the victim’s chakra had been depleted. By the time the trio arrives, the team has finished processing and moves on. That evening, Sai reports to Naruto on the latest incident and finding no evidence connecting it to the previous occurrences. He reveals they may be getting closer to figuring out who’s responsible, having found evidence at the latest scene that someone had been using Wood Style jutsu in the park. Sai believes the culprit has been using research on the Hashirama Cell and, as Wood Style users are few (which the latest victim was not), he suspects them to be a former Foundation member. He further explains that the Foundation’s top secret team had been using the Hashirama Cell to develop a device that could extract one’s chakra, possibly with the intent of using it for military weapon.

While Sai and Shikamaru decide to comb through the Foundation’s old files, Naruto heads home for a change of clothes where he tells Hinata about running into Boruto earlier. He admits that he grew up without a father and thusly unsure of how to interact with his son, assuming that’s the source of Boruto’s irritation with him. Hinata thinks Boruto understands in his own way and remarks that he looks so much like Naruto when he laughs.

The next day, back at the post office, they find Chōchō frustrated about not receiving a delivery (as most of Boruto’s deliveries failed to make it into the mailboxes) and the trio gets reassigned to stamp inventory. Just then, they overhear a television report about another ghost incident at the water purification plant , where some of their classmates had been doing their workplace experience. Boruto and team take off and hurry towards the plant.

He may be Naruto’s son, but it’s becoming more and more evident that Boruto couldn’t be more different than the former knucklehead. He’s certainly more hotheaded and impulsive than his father ever was. Based on the preview, it seems Naruto will finally step in and cut Boruto off from the investigation. As helpful as Boruto’s occular power could be, it might be good for him to sit back for a while and help behind the scenes, at least to cool his heels. More than ever, I’m hoping this whole ghost thing either wraps up or makes significant progress.

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