Boruto and the Metal Lee Mentality

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While it’s always nice to see more of the second generation, I do sometimes want to see more of their parents. I certainly got to see plenty of both in this episode, and I was not disappointed.

Boruto Academy

At the Academy, Boruto’s class begins practicing with shuriken. Whether overly eager to start or overly confident in their abilities, the students start throwing shuriken at the targets before poor Shino-sensei can finish.

Inojin and Shikadai fair reasonably well due to plenty of at-home practice. Metal Lee, son of our very own Rock Lee, also does quite well . . . that is, until he realizes the others are watching him. At which point, the poor kid becomes so nervous that he fails miserably. Meanwhile, Boruto, who seems to have an “all the way or no way” approach, tosses a giant Demon Wind Shuriken (which he stole from Iwabe). Metal tries to kick it away (using his father’s Leaf Hurricane), though upon realizing the others are watching, ends up getting his foot caught in the shuriken and spun into the targets.

Shino calls the group into his office and orders them all to do volunteer work outside of school, with Sumire and Metal supervising the others (Iwabe gets roped in because of his “unauthorized weapon”). The group is assigned to helping repair Naruto’s image on the Hokage Mountain. Naturally, Boruto complains, wishing there was a ninjutsu trick to fix it all at once. Sumire apparently doesn’t mind the assignment, saying she likes construction work and considers working on the Stone Faces to be a great honor. Overhearing this seems to make Metal even more nervous, and he accidentally ends up destroying the upper right half of Naruto’s face.

Boruto Naruto

At the end of the day, Boruto tries to cheer Metal up, but Shikadai tells him that by trying to work hard he ends up creating more work for the rest of them. He even tells Metal that he’s “too honest to a fault” and that all his solo training is useless if he can’t overcome his nervousness.

Later that night, Shikadai is lectured by his mother Temari for getting in trouble at school, but Shikamaru isn’t worried as he considers getting in trouble part of becoming a shinobi and that otherwise his son might become someone who won’t feel remorse. Reflecting on his father’s words, Shikadai resolves to apologize to Metal. The next day, however, Metal is emitting a dark aura which only Boruto notices (much like the one that plagued Denki in the first episode). Metal leaps over the wall into the schoolyard, but when Shikadai follows him, Metal suddenly turns and attacks him. Boruto and Inojin jump in to help, but they running all over the school.

Boruto Team

Stopping to hide, the three of them hatch a plan. Boruto distracts Metal with some Shadow Clones while Shikadai attempts to capture him with Shadow Paralysis, though Metal manages to escape its range. Inojin attacks with painted birds and Metal destroys them, only to be finally be caught by Shadow Paralysis from behind. Shikadai emerges from the bushes and reveals the first Shadow Paralysis to merely painted snakes from Inojin and the other “Shikadai” is actually Boruto. Frustrated at being tricked, Metal’s power suddenly increases and he attempts to break free from Shikadai’s hold. He tells Boruto to knock Metal out, but before they can, Metal partially breaks free and ends up crashing into the shuriken targets, knocking himself out. When he comes to, Shikadai apologizes for the previous day and they all run off to class.

Later at home, Boruto asks his mother about the Byakugan, wondering if that might explain what he saw. Just then, a very exhausted Naruto comes home and goes straight to bed, much to Boruto’s annoyance. The next day at school, Boruto and his friends try and get Metal to play video games as an attempt to relax. Unfortunately, his nervousness gets the better of him and he ends up breaking Boruto’s game.

Boruto Metal Lee
Rock Lee’s Son – Metal Lee

After finding out this episode focused on Rock Lee’s kid, and that the kid’s name was Metal Lee, all I remember thinking was “Yeah, you really wracked your brain on that one, sensei.” I mean, the Ino-Shika-Cho thing I get, but this? Now that I think about it, Metal Lee stopping just outside the range of Shadow Paralysis kinda reminds me of Shikamaru and Temari’s fight from the Chunin Exams. Although, that end was wildly different than this one. Speaking of Temari, I was really excited to see what kind of mom she turned into, especially considering it’s Shikamaru’s kid. I definitely want to see more of this family.

I recently noticed that we haven’t seen Mitsuki yet since this show started. I’m not exactly disappointed about that, but he was in the movie so you’d kinda hope he’d be in the series, too. The next episode seems to center around Boruto and Sarada, and a classic battle over soba-pan (which I haven’t seen since Ranma 1/2). It should prove to be interesting and maybe we’ll get to see some of Sarada’s home life this time (assuming her father is actually home). Hopefully all of you stay tuned as well ^_^

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