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Boruto Faces Love, Potato Chips….and a Stalker?

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I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this week, except that Chōchō would get more attention.


Boruto tries to describe the ominous aura that only he can see, but his crude drawing isn’t helpful. Since Shino expressed the feeling of being controlled, the only conclusion they can reach is that someone somewhere must be pulling the strings. But Shikadai wonders what possible motive the mystery puppet master could have and how it’s possible for a victim to have a memory of being manipulated. He briefly considers the rampages are the result of some sort of illness, but the fact that only Boruto can see the aura makes even less sense in that scenario.

The next day at school, the girls express concern over a recent feeling of being followed by an unseen stalker, which Chōchō describes as “sticky like natto.” Later, they stop by a convenience store where Chōchō impulsively buys a bag of mugwort and sweet red bean paste chips. Despite ultimately disliking their sweet taste, she insists she bought them out of pity for the chips being ignored and “shoved down to the corner of the shelf.” Upon leaving the store, the girls sense their stalker again and attack and soon the boys arrive, thinking it’s another incident.


Chōchō recognizes the stalker as Magire Kakuremino from a neighboring class. Ruling out the possibility of another possession-related attack, they suspect Chōchō is focusing of his stalking. Since Magire says nothing to the contrary, Chōchō is flattered but rejects him, saying they would be “like macarons and natto.” Magire finally speaks up to reveal that he was actually watching Sumire, saying he just wanted to breathe the same air as her. He tries to leave, but they stop him, insisting this may be his only chance to tell Sumire how he feels. After some hesitation and a little stuttering, Magire manages to do just that. Sumire rejects him (a little too quickly if you ask me) and Chōchō offers him one of her chips as consolation, saying now he’ll know what to do next time. Angry at being led on, the poor boy runs off.

The next day during class, a message suddenly appears on the blackboard saying “Sumire, I’m always watching you.” The message is unsigned, but they naturally assume it’s from Magire until they learn he was absent from class. More notes to Sumire fall from overhead, saying things like “You look cute today” and “I love you.” They decide to search for him until a metal wall suddenly closes, separating the boys and girls. The girls hide in the ninja tool room where a box of smoke bombs is suddenly knocked over. Sumire opens the door to clear the smoke, but ends up separated from Chōchō and Sarada when the door closes behind her. Denki arrives to help, but is knocked out by an invisible force which turns out to be Magire. By the time Chōchō and Sarada manage to emerge from the room, the boys catch up to find Sumire has vanished. Hearing her scream, they find her up on the roof with Magire who demands to know why she doesn’t like him.

Boruto suddenly notices the same mysterious aura afflicting him, explaining his enhanced psychosis. Magire throws a kunai at Chōchō, but Sarada manages to deflect it. Boruto steps up to challenge him, but Magire uses his Disguise Jutsu to make himself invisible and Shikadai realizes that was how he wrote the note on the blackboard. His attacks seem to come from everywhere and nowhere, until Chōchō confronts him, asking if he really thought sneak attacks were the way to Sumire’s heart. She even compares him to the “gross chips” she bought, which sat on the shelves forever trying to compete with other flavors, and saying he’s completely removed himself from the shelf. Magire claims that no one’s noticed him even now, but Chōchō tells him that they did notice how weak and pathetic he is and how no one would talk to such a guy. She encourages him to think about why he has his Disguise Jutsu, to keep stepping up to the challenge and become someone that people would notice.

He drops the jutsu and once again Chōchō offers him a chip (this time, toasted soy flour) which he accepts. He finds the chip delicious and she reiterates her point that he’ll never know until he steps up to the challenge, telling him to work on becoming a better man. Sure enough, the dark aura dissipates and Magire suddenly faints. Later, they speculate that a mentally affected person can still be freed from the aura (and that Magire fainted due to chakra exhaustion, even though he didn’t use any substantial jutsu). Elsewhere, Shikamaru presents a similar theory to Naruto, citing cases of people ending up in the hospital either from illness or some human-induced condition. That night, Mitsuki speaks with his still unknown contact, suggesting they continue their investigation and wondering why Boruto is the only one who can see the aura.

I was never the biggest fan of Chōchō, but I thought she was just unnecessarily mean to Magire. So far, the only consistent fact about this aura is that it possesses people in a moment of weakness. I’m also wondering how much longer this weird aura is going to be the focus of the storyline. It was interesting at first, but now I’m like “Can we get a new storyline already?” Based on the next episode preview, I’m not sure if that’ll happen anytime soon, but it looks like we may get some explanation for why only Boruto can see it. I’m going to keep watching the series no matter what, but if the storyline doesn’t show some significant progress soon, I worry that I may get bored of it.

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