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Boruto Hits a Wall and The Ghost Goes on the Move

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All I could foresee for this episode was that the adults were finally going to step into Boruto’s ghost hunt. With all his protesting against adult interference, Boruto never seems to mention that he can see what’s affecting the victims, which just might lower his chances of being iced out.


While doing their workplace experience, Boruto and his friends overhear about another Ghost incident at the water purification plant where some of their friends (including their class rep Sumire) had been doing their workplace experience. The girls recover in the hospital, owing their rescue to Naruto being nearby. The classmates start wondering if the Ghost incidents are occurring a bit too often, while Denki and Metal Lee recall a feeling of uncontrollable anger when they were possessed. Sumire’s friends encourage her to too take it easy since she hit her head, when Boruto suddenly charges into the room. After apologizing for dropping the ball, he kicks himself for delivering the mail recklessly which thus prevented them from patrolling. Just then, Naruto arrives and drags Boruto off to another room where Sakura and team are operating on Sumire’s attacker, having been drained of nearly all his chakra. Naruto bars his son from investigating the incidents further, telling Boruto that he owes his safety only to sheer luck and that he should graduate the Academy first.


Before Boruto can protest, Shino intervenes, taking full responsibility for the workplace experience and suggests that perhaps Boruto might be able to show them something they can’t see if they treat him more like an adult. Naruto concedes the decision to Shino and heads off. Although Shino reprimands their independent investigation, he resolves to respect them more since they’d previously saved him. The trio returns to the post office and the supervisor sends them out to deliver the mail, with Tayori having vouched for them. While studying the delivery routes, Boruto summons a few shadow clones and suggests they handle the deliveries, but the clones reject the idea since it would spread them too thin. With no other option, they head to deliver the mail. Sometime later, Mitsuki reports another Ghost incident.

Meanwhile, Sai investigates the scene and finds more evidence of Wood Style jutsu. Intent on investigating the possibility of the Root’s involvement, he tells Naruto he wants to help whoever’s behind the attacks and to make sure they don’t follow the same twisted ideology he once had. The next day, finding they’ve missed another attack, Boruto and his team start to think the Ghost knows their movements, since the incidents seems to be occurring just slightly off their route. In an effort to cover their blindspots, Shikadai calls out some of their classmates who have already finished their workplace experiences. Boruto dispatches his classmates and several postal workers, telling them to alert the others with some fireworks Iwabe brought from his workplace experience. As soon as they’re gone, the supervisor, distressed at being left with a disorderly post office, becomes the Ghost’s next victim and goes on a rampage. But suddenly, Boruto and team reappear, having lured the Ghost out by pretending to go on their routes. Sure enough, a masked figure manipulates the supervisor into attacking them before running off. Metal, Mitsuki, Inojin and Chōchō chase after him while the rest of them deal with the supervisor.

In the ensuing fight, Tayori notices a parcel being knocked around and runs out to protect it, steadfastly adhering to the supervisor’s belief in the “spirit of organization and neatness” in the post office. Seeing Tayori’s dedication, the Ghost’s hold on the supervisor weakens, allowing Boruto and Iwabe to knock him out and free him. However, the Ghost manifests itself, but once again only Boruto can see it. It tosses a paper bomb at them and then disappears, while the rest of the group returns to report that the masked man evaded them. The supervisor is taken away to recover and Boruto tasks himself and the others with reorganizing the post office. Elsewhere, an unknown figure comments on the “negative chakra of the weak-hearted” will open a door created by the Hashirama Cell and awaken “Nue.”

It’s gradually becoming clear that all this ghost business won’t be going away anytime soon, but it’s starting to feel like they’re just going in circles. I seriously hope it gets somewhere interesting, because soon Boruto will be the only ongoing series I’m following. Based on the preview, it looks like we can expect more of Boruto griping about his father and Mitsuki having something to reveal. Here’s hoping for some answers.

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