Boruto Makes A Grand Entrance

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In the days since our beloved Naruto was a troublemaking student, the Leaf’s Ninja Academy has evolved from a training center to a more literal academy, now offering a general curriculum of studies. Following that logic, it seems even non-shinobi are able to attend.

The wait is over!

After a brief suspension due to the events of the previous episode, Boruto finally starts at the Academy. On some level, he seems to enjoy hearing that everyone had been gossiping about him during his suspension, but that’s no surprise. Some classmates are still gossiping, thinking he got off too lightly, but Boruto doesn’t seem to care much.

Inojin Yamanaka is quick to accuse Boruto of “riding on the Hokage’s coattails,” though doesn’t seem to realize he said so out loud. He then states that if anyone else had done what Boruto did, they’d be put in jail, perhaps assuming Boruto took advantage of his father’s position. After Shikadai tells him off, Inojin greets Boruto, as if nothing had happened. Boruto offers to be friends, but Inojin, while smiling, slaps his hand away, saying he doesn’t consider Boruto worth his trust.

Later, Boruto proves his physical prowess on an outdoor obstacle course and finds out from Denki that he holds the second best time in the class. That afternoon, he runs into the student currently holding the number one spot – Iwabe Yuino, also called The Repeater Iwabe for supposedly having failed the graduation exam twice (My, that sounds awfully familiar). Iwabe rudely dismisses Boruto’s cheerful greeting, seeming to despise the fact that Boruto is the Hokage’s son, calling him “a brat riding on his father’s coattails.” Well if that didn’t anger Boruto before, it did now (probably ‘cause of Iwabe’s double-dose attitude). Iwabe challenges Boruto to a fight, but Denki warns him that Iwabe’s taijutsu is actually highly praised (begging the question as to how he flunked). Iwabe arrogantly declares that strength is everything to a ninja and that a ninja can get away with anything “as long as you’re strong.” He even seems to despise the current peaceful era, saying it turned the academy into a place for wimps and refusing to accept it. Boruto calls out Iwabe’s idea of strength as bullying and accepts his challenge.


The entire class relocates to an arena (possibly the one from the Chunin Exam prelims) to watch the fight. Iwabe declares that the fight will follow the Academy rules, promising not to use his sword. The fight kicks off, mostly fisticuffs, with Iwabe easily holding his own. Naturally, Boruto whips up several Shadow Clones to counter. On the sidelines, Denki learns that Iwabe’s ninjutsu was also highly praised, but received abysmal grades in other courses.

Boruto resolves not to give in to someone as arrogant as Iwabe, but Iwabe claims that’s what the adults had been doing. That they rose to power using ninjutsu and then just arbitrarily decided things have changed. Iwabe seems to believe he would’ve graduated already if the world hadn’t changed, and blames the new “irrelevant” courses for keeping him stuck in the Academy (though Boruto suggests he’s probably just bad at studying). Boruto then calls him out about his misdirected blame and his “the whole world’s against me” shtick, and declaring that he will not lose to him. And by tricking Iwabe into attacking one of his clones, Boruto easily defeats him, reminding Iwabe that everyone has their own circumstances but they came to the Academy in spite of them.

Refusing to admit defeat, Iwabe grabs his sword and turns it into a hammer with Earth Style, ranting and raving about how fighting like the Hokage is his path. Just then, a bird summoned by Inojin flies by and takes the hammer, reminding Iwabe that he’d promised not to use his weapon. Finally realizing his own hypocrisy, Iwabe gives up.

Let’s start over

The next day, to everyone’s surprise, Iwabe actually shows up to class. Some students apparently still consider Boruto a “coattail rider,” but Inojin sticks up for him, saying he was fighting for a friend rather than himself.

Most of these apples don’t seem to have fallen too far from their respective trees, though I don’t remember Inojin’s father being quite as asinine. In a way, Iwabe kind of reminded me of the old Neji, stubbornly clinging to a backwards philosophy. Although Neji’s change of heart wasn’t so quick in happening, and I didn’t hate the old Neji like I did Iwabe. Denki having to look up chakra seemed a little weird (What was he learning for the last two weeks? ><). It was pretty interesting seeing Shino as the teacher, though I wasn’t expecting the Godot-esque visor.

The next episode preview seems to focus on Rock Lee’s son, Metal Lee (Really strained your brain on that one, huh, sensei?). And it also looks like we’ll see Temari’s fierce mama mode, which should be very amusing (though I’d be glad to see any of the Sand Trio again).

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