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Boruto’s New Classmate and a Rogue….Teacher?

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Other than the long-awaited introduction of Mitsuki, I didn’t really too much from this episode. As always, I hoped to see more of the characters’ home lives, but it looks I’ll have to keep waiting for that.

A former Academy student runs rampant through the village causing a commotion. Boruto and his friends come across him and Boruto notices he has the dark aura that plagued Metal Lee and Denki. They come at him, but the student kicks up dust to make his escape. Boruto follows him to an alley and finds the troublemaker has already been knocked out and the dark aura expelled. With him, they find a mysterious young man who remarks how rowdy the town is.

Later at the Academy, still holding classes outside, Shino introduces Mitsuki, the mysterious boy from the alley. He is revealed to be a transfer student from the Hidden Sound Village, which is apparently trying to reestablish itself as a legitimate shinobi village since Orochimaru’s founding. Mitsuki seats himself next to Boruto and class resumes. A bit later, Boruto solves a problem (possibly mathematics) with relative ease, surprising everyone. Shino presents a new problem which actually stumps Boruto. Mitsuki steps up and solves the problem, but Shino tells him helping other students is meaningless if they can’t figure it out themselves. In a subsequent sparring match, Iwabe defeats Boruto and then Mitsuki steps in to challenge him. Eager to test the new kid’s strength, Iwabe accepts, but things soon get out of hand and Mitsuki goes too far, nearly choking Iwabe.

That night, Shino meets with Kurenai at an oden stand and vents his frustrations, thinking he’s not fit for teaching since the students don’t pay attention. Kurenai reassures him, saying that suitability doesn’t matter and he should interact with the students in his own way. Elsewhere, Mitsuki communicates with an unknown person, saying he’s met Boruto and will soon found if Boruto is his sun.

The next day, Shino has decided to throw a welcome party for Mitsuki (and for some reason, to dress like he’s opening for Ringling Brothers). The party goes smoothly and at Shino’s signal, giant stuffed animals start dancing around. However, it is quickly remembered that Shino’s ninjutsu involves insects which happen to be making the animals move. The insects suddenly run amok and in the chaos, Denki asks someone to “do something.” Taking advantage of the vague request, Mitsuki releases a Wind Style jutsu which takes care of the bugs, but also further wrecks the semi-reconstructed Academy. Needless to say, the students aren’t any more impressed by Shino than they were before.

Due to the disappointing start to the day, Shino takes first period off, leaving the students to their own devices. Just then, they hear a ruckus coming from the construction site and find one of the repairman further wrecking the place. Upon closer inspection, Boruto notices he’s under the same sinister influence as yesterday’s troublemaker. Mitsuki remarks on Boruto’s ability to see the dark aura, leading Shikadai to suspect Mitsuki might be the source of it. Sarada manages to distract the rogue repairman long enough for Shikadai to pin him down with Shadow Paralysis. Iwabe attacks, but unlike the previous encounters, this does not remove the evil energy. Boruto then grabs the man from behind and in the ensuing struggle, the two fall over the balcony but are saved by Mitsuki’s Wind Style. Luckily, this frees the repairman.

Still frustrated over his inability to engage or even protect his students, Shino finds himself the next unfortunate victim of the dark aura. The next day, he calls Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki out for an “extracurricular lesson” where they quickly realize things are about to get a whole lot worse.

I didn’t expect to see the creepy aura thing again so soon, and certainly not three times in one episode. A recurring presence is one thing, but isn’t that a bit much at once? Based on the end of the episode and the preview, it kinda says Shino would’ve been a truly badass adversary. There’s something to be said for “It’s always the quiet ones”, huh? And it’s almost scary to think Boruto is a smarter student than his father was. I almost want to see how he would handle that Chunin Exam written test. Other than an uncharacteristically crazy Shino, I don’t know what to expect from the next episode. Although, we will find out if Mitsuki really is the source of this aura.

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