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Boruto Tests his New Power and Fights a Movie Ninja

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I had a suspicion that Boruto’s eye might have something to do with the Byakugan, but since it’s only in one eye and seems to manifest on its own. I suppose it’s possible it might be some advanced development of it (like a Byakugan 2.0 or something). But maybe the fact that he’s half Uzumaki has something to do with it. Well, only time will tell.


Hiashi invites Boruto out into the courtyard for a sparring match, to find out if Boruto’s Byakugan really has awakened. Hanabi steps in as Boruto’s opponent, knowing Hiashi won’t go easy on his grandson. Boruto agrees, seeming overly confident about his “special eye.” Though it almost seems he’s writing checks that his body can’t cash, as Hanabi’s initial strike knocks him into a tree. She suspects that Boruto’s been slacking in his at-home training, but he brazenly declares he’s just getting warmed up. Once again, he pulls up three Shadow Clones but even with a flash bomb, they’re no match against Hanabi. She doesn’t question his fighting, but wonders if he really is giving it his all and tells Boruto he should discipline his eye more. Boruto insists on rematch and comes at Hanabi more earnestly. Again, he resorts to Shadow Clones and does only slightly better until Hanabi performs a Palm Rotation. She declares there’s no evidence that the Byakugan has manifested, but assures him that it might still happen. Hiashi then suggests they spend the night at the compound, since Boruto must be exhausted from sparring.

Later while Hanabi plays with the kids, Naruto and Hiashi sit down to discuss the situation. Hiashi asks Naruto if he’s disappointed that Boruto’s Byakugan didn’t manifest, but Naruto express relief that at least Boruto wasn’t lying, initially thinking he had made it up just to get his father’s attention. Naruto adds that things tend to come too easily for Boruto so he ends up taking shortcuts, but it was different this time otherwise he wouldn’t have tried so hard. Though they’re both sure Boruto’s power isn’t the Byakugan, they still have on idea what it is, only hoping it’s nothing bad. Hiashi then asks about Himawari and Naruto reveals that her Byakugan has manifested and not since. They agree that whether it’s Boruto or Himawari, one of them will end up surprising them in end.

Elsewhere, Boruto reflects on the dream he had, wondering if it really was just that. Soon, Hanabi joins him and he apologizes for wasting her time with the sparring match, convinced they all think he’s lying since the Byakugan didn’t manifest. Hanabi then wonders aloud if Boruto is perhaps keeping something from his father, and that even if his power isn’t the Byakugan, he should take care of it himself. Later, he heads back into town and runs into Sarada by a Kagemasa poster. She tells him she heard a rumor that Kagemasa’s sequel film was canceled due to some incident with the actor. Just then, Boruto spots the mysterious aura and chases after it to the under-construction Academy building. He goes inside to investigate and the possessed figure assumes Boruto is one of his fans.

He then begins to quote Kagemasa’s signature line, and although he’s wearing the same costume, Boruto is in utter disbelief that this man is the actor from the movie. He remarks that the man looks nothing like Kagemasa, having gained a considerable amount of weight, which infuriates him. The actor repeatedly claims that he can lose weight just like that, but his actions don’t seem to suit his words, thus furthering Boruto’s disbelief. As it was his sudden weight gain that led to the cancelation of Kagemasa’s sequel, the actor doesn’t seem to understand the crew won’t believe his claims that he’ll be in shape by the time filming begins. Despite the change in his size, he does seem as agile as ever. Eventually, Sarada arrives to help, though doesn’t seem to recognize the man either. Using a smoke bomb as a diversion, they retreat to figure out their next step. Sarada suggests letting the adults handle it, but as usual Boruto refuses since he’s the only one who can see the aura. Boruto distracts Kagemasa with a shadow clone and after a brief scuffle, he throws the character’s advice back at him and sneak attacks him from behind, causing the aura to dissipate.

The next day, the news reports that the actor has finally begun his diet and the sequel’s production has resumed. Boruto’s friends are surprised that he’s not disappointed about not having the Byakugan. Boruto declares that he doesn’t care if it is the Byakugan or not, but that he just has to prove it to everyone.

I get that Boruto wants to prove himself on his own merit, but I still think he should tell his father that he can see what’s affecting people. At the very least, it could help them figure out the source of it. Though, that probably won’t happen until Boruto gets over whatever petty issues he has with Naruto. I’m hoping this whole business with the aura and strange incidents wraps up soon, so we can get some other plot lines in. And hopefully, we get more of the first generation characters.

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