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Boruto – The Torch Has Been Passed!!!

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Boruto Episode 2 Review News

With the premiere of Boruto’s spinoff series, many fans can’t help but flashback to the first episode of the original Naruto. Most spinoffs are usually wildly different from the parent series, but as this series is literally the next generation, one can expect a certain amount of similarities.

Boruto And Naruto’s Opening Arch Rivals

Naruto begins with a brief prologue describing the Nine-Tailed Fox’s attack, as sort of a “story thus far” so to speak. Boruto, however, begins with what appears to be a flash forward to an adult Boruto facing someone named Kawaki who declares the end of the shinobi era and vows to defeat Boruto. Interestingly, both series start the current timeline with a chase through the village. Although while young Naruto runs from teachers who attempt to reprimand him for some recent tomfoolery, Boruto and Shikadai Nara hop onto the roof of a moving train, having just snagged some “limited edition” green chili hamburgers.

Comparing The Two Series

Naruto episode 1

Naruto is quickly shown to be a troublemaking goofball Boruto seems to show a heroic side when he sees a kid being pushed around in an alley. Naruto’s lonely past is vaguely touched on twice while Boruto only mentions that his father rarely comes home, though I suppose that might be because they expect anyone watching to have already seen the Boruto movie (which I have).

Both episodes feature a temporary antagonist. While Naruto’s seems truly vile, Boruto’s is encouraged by an outside influence, though in both cases the titular character protects a third party he initially clashed with. I did notice that both episodes involve some sort of “destruction” to the Hokage Faces. The biggest difference is Naruto’s destruction is in the beginning of the episode and is merely harmless graffiti. Boruto’s destruction is more focused with a train derailing and crashing into his father’s face.

boruto episode 1

I think it’s accurate to say both episodes also have a fairly happy ending. Boruto attends the Ninja Academy after a brief suspension along with his new friend Denki, while Naruto manages to finally graduate from the Academy with a new understanding between him and his former sensei.

Both series are expectedly different, but so far they share enough similarities to stir nostalgia in a veteran fan’s heart (I, myself, cried after watching the movie ^_^). While we don’t know yet how long Boruto will be around, I’m not quite sure it’ll run as long as its predecessor. Needless to say, I will follow it till the very end.

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