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Boruto’s Battle of the Sexes

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Based on the preview, I expected to see this episode focus on Boruto and Sarada (you know, something like their fathers’ rivalry). Well that is what they gave us, but on a more broad scale.

At the Ninja Academy, Konohamaru teaches the Summoning Jutsu by summoning a giant toad in the schoolyard (as expected from Naruto’s top protégé). A lot of students (mostly girls) line up to ask him questions, though none have anything to do with the jutsu. Boruto tells him not to let all the flattery go to his head, for which Konohamaru reprimands him, and all the female students turn on Boruto for being so casual with their beloved sensei. Chōchō Akimichi even claims that Boruto has an inferiority complex when it comes to Konohamaru. Fed up with teasing, Boruto grabs the scroll and tries to summon a giant frog himself. Only then does he learn that a blood contract is needed in order to summon an animal, and that frogs are not the only Summoning Animals.

They start off learning to summon Ninja Tools, much to Boruto’s disappointment. Rather than pay attention, the students all start discussing what animals they’d want to summon which somehow evolves into a “girls rule, boys drool” argument. This carries over into the cafeteria when Boruto and Sarada both order yakisoba pan and find there’s only one left (because Chōchō bought all the others). With Boruto distracted by confronting Chōchō, Sarada manages to snag the last yakisoba pan and the fight sparks again. When other students start stepping in, Shino intervenes and offers to prepare a battleground for them to fight it out properly.

He sets up a Capture-the-Flag sort of game, where the students start from the gate and try to grab the flag posted on the main building’s rooftop. The condition: losers have to listen to the winners. The teams take off, using whatever ninjutsu they can. What Shino doesn’t tell them until later is that a few booby traps have been placed around the school grounds in order to make them feel as much tension as possible.

In time, all that remains of the boys’ team are Boruto, Shikadai, Inojin, Denki, and Metal Lee. Metal shows off his prowess, but sure enough, his nervousness gets the better of him again and Sarada easily pins him to the wall with shuriken. Even Denki manages to prove his strength by using his laptop to hack into the electronic lock on the door to the roof. Further along, they use the same trick to close off a hallway, effectively trapping the remaining girls. Inojin greats a giant ink frog which the girls think is a Summoning Animal, until Boruto activates the fire sprinklers which wash it away. A confrontation with the girls forces them to leave Denki behind and hide in the ninja tool room to plan their next move.

Boruto and his Shadow Clones make their way to the roof from the outside while Shikadai and Inojin distract the girls with smoke bombs. Having snagged a scroll from the ninja tool room, Boruto attempts to use the Summoning Jutsu. He manages to somehow an indiscernible creature which knocks Chōchō off the roof, but fortunately the boys manage to catch her. Meanwhile, Konohamaru uses his Rasengan to take down the creature and Sumire secures victory for the girls’ team.

Later that evening, the teams make amends and Boruto apologizes for endangering Chōchō. The boys admit defeat, but in light of saving Chōchō, the girls decide to give them a rain check on their favor. Shino tells them to clean up the mess before they go home, but the entire building collapses anyway (meaning outdoor classes for the foreseeable future). Unbeknownst to them, a mysterious stranger watches them from above.

When the topic of summoning Ninja Tools came up, I really expected to see Tenten or at least hear her name mentioned (guess even the second generation won’t give her any screen time). Boruto really seems to resent people saying he and Sarada are “childhood friends.” When Boruto attempted the Summoning Jutsu, I was just like “You idiot!” He is certainly far more reckless than his father ever was. Konohamaru wonders how Boruto managed to summon that creature with the amount of chakra he has. I mean, Naruto always surprised everyone with the amount of Shadow Clones he could produce. Maybe Boruto will prove similar in the future.

The next episode does show outdoor classes. Seems someone else falls victim to the same ominous force that plagued Denki and Metal Lee. And it looks like we’ll finally get to meet Mitsuki, which now has me thinking Boruto is becoming some sort of prequel sequel (as oxymoronic as that sounds).

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