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Boy or Girl? – Hinako’s Secret is Jeopardized

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Catching a brief glimpse of this episode beforehand, it looked like rumors were beginning to spread about Hinako’s gender. I didn’t know what her friends were going to say, but I doubt they would abandon her if they found out. Totomaru seems to loyal and Takayuki owes her for helping save his brother. But even if they stick by her, there could still be some complications with a girl attending an all boys’ school.

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An anonymous user posts a message on the internet alleging there is “some girl who’s pretending to be a boy” and that they’re trying to get close to Yuta Mirako. Several other users reply, most of whom seem to be angry fangirls outraged that someone would try to get close to their idol. But some of the messages focus on the fact that this “boy-girl” is one of the bosses at Shishiku, thinking they no longer need to fear Shishiku if they’re being led by a girl. Sometime later, posters are plastered all over the school’s entrance slandering Shishiku and their “empress.” The students even begin calling it the biggest scandal of the school’s history.

Hinako and her squad meet up with Kira and Yuta on the school roof to discuss the situation. They don’t seem to believe the rumor, but wonder who started it. Yuta admits the incident started because of some of his fans who misinterpreted his relationship with “Hikaru” and heartily apologizes. Takayuki believes everyone will move on when they get bored, and he and Totomaru still pledge their loyalty to Hinako regardless.

Despite their optimism, the rumors continued to swirl and the situation escalated. Eventually, the Shishiku students call for a “witch trial” and confront Hinako in the gym, demanding she prove her “manhood.” Hinako’s friends continue to back her up, but the students begin calling for her to strip. Hinako refuses, which they see as admission and begin protesting. Just then, students from Saka Third High, including the punks who interrupted Yuta’s concert, show up and approach Hinako. Hinako’s friends suddenly surround her and challenge the newcomers.

I don’t know what I expected from this episode beyond the rumors. I didn’t really expect Hinako to come right out and say “I’m a girl!”, but I at least thought she’d privately confide in her friends or something. Rumors aside, you gotta like Hinako’s friends sticking by her no matter what, although they don’t seem to believe she could be a girl. Hopefully, there will be more to this series in the future, so we can find out if this gender thing plays out.

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