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Current Series Review: Rokka no Yuusha & God Eater

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Down because you just finished a great series? Or because it didn’t meet your expectations? Looking for something new and fresh?…

Well it doesn’t get much fresher than a currently airing series! So here’s a quick look at two of them that might just pique your interest.

First up:

Rokka no Yuusha – Braves of the Six Flowers

(Series currently airing)

Studio- Passione
Studio- Passione

This is a series I have been following since its first episode and have been enjoying immensely. With the great demon’s awakening, six of the world’s strongest have been chosen to fight and granted a mark to signify their task. This story in itself is nothing ground-breaking of course, but all of the important parts of this style of show have been done fantastically! All of the characters are interesting and well designed, with their own unique abilities and skills. The animation flows well, especially in the fight scenes, and on top of this the ‘twist’ in the plot is well disguised! I didn’t see it coming and have had trouble working it out. Though that might just be me…

This series is coming to its end in the next few episodes but if you still want in on the mystery and action I highly recommend you catch up and join our heroes in the last stage of their quest to defeat this great threat, and anyone trying to stop them!

Another action packed romp from this season:

God Eater-

(Series Currently airing)

Studio- Ufotable
Studio- Ufotable

God Eater is a little more unusual than your standard fare and might be a great addition to any other series you’ve got going on. This gem started late compared to the others and only has a few episodes out for subbed viewing right now (at least here in the UK) so you’ve still got plenty of time to jump on the monster infested bandwagon.

The biggest draw to this piece has to be the art style it uses. The almost painterly effect is a result of the series being created using computer generated imagery! I am in love with how this anime looks despite it being so different from the status quo of my all-time favourites. Though, in this regard it’s not the first of its kind. Sidonia no Kishi – Knights of Sidonia, was created in the same way and came out only last year. Having watched a few episodes of this to compare and contrast the two I have to say the animation in God Eater is smoother and better overall. On top of this the style and feel is different, and more up my alley. (Having said that Kishi definitely seems interesting and may very well be worth a watch!)

Overall they’re both pretty great and if you want to pick either/both of them up I’m certainly not going to stop you.


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  1. “Rokka” is surprisingly popular this season. The amount of those watching & praising the series is very high. It seems that you are enjoying the series, Morsidin.

    Morsidin, you`re absolutely correct about “God Eater`s” art & animation. UFOTable does such a dynamic job on the experience of the animation. It`s just the error is due to how difficult their work is there has 4X Delays, quite insane! “God Eater” contains nice elements & pleasant watch at most.

    Quick & brief look at these two hits of the summer. Thanks for the post.

    Chrissy.C Of

    1. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

      I’m loving both series at the moment! I didn’t think I’d like the animation style of ”God Eater” as much as i did but it really flows well. I think it’s well worth the wait!

      1. Yeah, don’t mention it, Morsidin. Continue to enjoy them. “God Eater’s” animation is spectacular aside for some awkward CG monsters. The characters almost resemble a really glossy and clay-like skin + shadow tone.

  2. I actually haven’t watched Rokka but I have been watching God Eater. The fighting scenes are pretty amazing series I like way that each monster the encounter actually does something different. I don’t know if you guys have seen anime that use the same engage scenes for all the small enemies. Im definitely going to give Rokka chance to be on my to watch list.

    1. Yeah the CG really lets them go crazy with the fights!

      And definitely give ”Rokka” a shot if you like that kind of show, the fight scenes are pretty varied there too. (At least from what I’ve seen)

  3. These two are on my watch list for sure…after they have finished airing. I suck at watching things weekly, I’m more a binge watcher. The act of waiting a week for a new episode kills my very soul.

    1. Haha! I know what you mean there. I only keep myself sane by watching a load of new series at the same time. Doesn’t stop me binge watching as well though…

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