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Double Dilemma – Boruto and the Potential Repeater

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With the end of the Ghost investigation, I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen next. Didn’t really expect a new story arc right away, but kinda thought there’d be something more than a one-episode plot. I was kind of surprised at the lack of Boruto in this episode, but thinking back on it, there were several episodes of Naruto where the title character failed to make an appearance. At least we got to see another first generation character, though it still left a lot unanswered.

At the Academy, the students practice walking on a vertical surface, but poor Denki fails the exercise. His friends try to give him advice, but their tips seem to contradict each other and Denki becomes further distressed. Being the first test he’s ever failed, he despairs having to repeat the Academy “just like Iwabe” who happens to overhear. Later, Denki continues trying and failing to climb the wall and is soon joined by Metal Lee. Metal offers to help Denki practice and takes him rock climbing, leaving the latter baffled by the superfluous training style. Denki suddenly loses his footing, but luckily he is caught by our very own Rock Lee who commends the youth for putting in extra effort. Denki spends the rest of the evening with them, but is still unable to make progress. Lee even presents him with a green jumpsuit as a reward for working hard, claiming that wearing it will increase Denki’s rate of success.

Elsewhere, Boruto is attempting (but mostly failing) to tutor Iwabe in math. Shikadai and Inojin agree that Denki would be more suited to help Iwabe, but that Iwabe would be very unlikely to accept his help after the former’s prior comments. The next day, while musing over his latest test score, Iwabe notices Denki still attempting to walk up the wall, still dispaired over the idea of repeating. He offers Denki some advice, telling him to stay calm and relaxed, and Denki actually improves. Though grateful for the easy-to-understand advice, Denki wonders why Iwabe helped him after what he’d said. Iwabe shares that he’d lost his friends when they graduated without him and that he wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. Denki then catches sight of Iwabe’s dismal test and offers to help him study. Iwabe initially declines, not wanting to disrupt Denki’s training, but the two then decide to help each other with their weak areas. Even with their newfound arrangement, Iwabe still has difficulty understanding the material. Denki hits on an idea to have him study while hanging from the ceiling, as his concentration is better when he infuses his chakra, and it actually helps.

A few days later, while the others watch Denki and Iwabe “study,” Boruto drops by with some “all-new Jolokia burgers” for everyone. They immediately reject the burgers’ intense heat, which Boruto claims is hotter than the habanero burger, and even he quickly regrets the decision. Later, Iwabe and Denki head to the Academy for the test, and pass by an apartment building on fire. When they overhear a woman worrying about her children still in the building, Iwabe hurries into the building. Meanwhile, Denki wonders why the building’s sprinkler system hasn’t activated, figuring it could be broken, and climbs up the side of the building to find it (after first donning the jumpsuit he got from Rock Lee). Inside, he finds Iwabe has created an earth wall to block the fire’s spread and is now working on the sprinkler’s switch box, which he manages to fix thanks to their studying. Luckily, Iwabe successfully fixes the switch box and the sprinklers kick in while the two of them carry the children outside.

Meanwhile at the Academy, the others begin to worry since Iwabe and Denki haven’t shown up, even speculating that Boruto’s burgers made them sick. Boruto begs Shino to wait for them, and the two finally show up just as Shino declares an end to the test. Later in Shino’s office, they explain their tardiness and while he understands their circumstances, he declines to let them take the test. They beg him to let them take it, but he explains that the test’s purpose was to make sure they’re able to handle real world problems. By prioritizing the lives of the children over taking the test, they’d inadvertently passed, much to the delight of their friends.

It’s always nice to see to people helping each other with their problems, though I’m not sure I could’ve foreseen Iwabe and Denki getting along from it. But I guess polar opposites really can become friends, huh? It was admittedly great getting to see Rock Lee all grown up. Having grown up under the influence of Guy-sensei, it’s no surprise Lee became a passionate parent (though I still want to know who Metal’s mother is). The next episode seems to focus on Sarada this time, delivering a toy to a child in the hospital. Hopefully, that will give us a bit more insight into her home life and her attitude towards her absentee father.

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