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Dragomon Hunter Closed Beta is now open to everyone

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Many players who bought their closed beta keys would have said “Wow, Aeria Games! Just Wow!” with sarcasm. How could they not when some would have spent only to ensure their closed beta access?

**Grabbed from Dragomon Hunter’s Official Website**

Dragomon Hunter’s founder’s pack may mean a lot of money to some. The starter pack, the cheapest among them, costs 1,999AP. This includes only 20x Fortune gems (which can be used for Falcon’s Fortune lottery), 20x Advanced Gear Evolution Scroll, and a 10-slot backpack. The next 3 packs are priced at 4,999AP each. Each of them got a different set of in-game items. This is not the most expensive of them all though. There is the Ultimate Hunter Pack which is priced at 29,999AP.

On the other side, hurray for the patient gamers! The wait is over. No need to look for free beta key giveaways. Just simply register in the official website,  download the client and voila! Play as much as you want.

Overview of the Game:

Dragomon Hunter is another anime MMORPG developed by X-Legend. It was recently released by Aeria Games. The game’s plot revolves around the world of Wyveria. The powerful stone Dragocite which can only be obtained by defeating Dragomons has become a part of the citizen’s daily life. You are recruited as one of the Dragomon Hunters in the Order of the Falcon, the leading hunter organization in Elysium.


As of the moment, Dragomon Hunter offers four classes. First, there is the cleric, which almost all the games have. This class uses either a hammer or a cestus in battle (quite similar to Eden Eternal). Next is the mage, a  range class who can choose either a staff or a hunting horn to cast spells. The game also has this mercenary who can wield either battleaxes or greatswords. Last but not the least is the Scout who caters to those dual blade or rifle lovers.


Dragomon Hunter also has a pet system. A player is given his or her own “hoppalong” who shall be his or her companion in every battle. It is a bit similar to Divina Online’s “sidekick” system in the sense that this hoppalong can wield armors and weapons.

Perhaps intended for PvP lovers, Dragomon Hunter offers two factions to choose from. (This is according from the official website). One is the free trappers who uses an adventurous hunting style. Second is the Warden Federation who wishes to regulate/control the means of hunting.

Note that the game also has its own guild system as well as a friends and family system. Its mail also has this Cash on Delivery also known as “C.O.D” option which is typical to X-Legend games.


Dragomon Hunter might not be that different from other anime MMORPGs released by Aeria Games. But what’s done is done. Just think of it as a good chance to unite again with your fellow anime gaming friends. For those who waited, welcome to the world of Wyveria! For more information, you may visit the game’s official website here.

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