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Eden Eternal: A Review

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Be an Eternal Guardian…

If you are hungry enough to savor a game which is cute yet has great features, then Eden Eternal might be the one for you! Currently under Aeria Games after being developed by X-Legend, check out what’s in store for you.


Once the world has been full with travelers from different races looking for a better future. Finding this desired place, they have settled in the Central Continent and lived together peacefully. Until the day came when these races’ outlook for the future differed from one another. This resulted to skirmishes which later on turned to a war.

Thankfully, mysterious heroes began to enter the scene. They helped the people in restoring peace and re-discover their one’s lost hope. This made a rumor spread like a wildfire – That these heroes are actually the Eternal Guardians who will bring them to Eden eternal, a land so perfect and beyond comparison to what they have now.

The player’s role is to serve as one of the Eternal Guardians, whom the villagers believe to have been born from a magical crystal.

Game Features:

1. Races

To date, there are currently 5 races from which you can choose from. The first one of course is to be your usual race. Yes, a human. Humans are said to have come from the Northern Continent. Being a nomad, they found themselves in the Central Continent and helped in the building of its cities.

Next, is a Zumi. If you are fond of Reepicheep from the story called the “Chronicles of Narnia,” then you will already have an idea of how this race looks. Zumis are creative fellows from the Southeastern Continent. They hate Anurans for being unappreciative of the art.

As mentioned, there is also the Anurans. They are fun to be with given their sense of humor. Their curiosity about other races tossed away their timidity which was once their trait.

Ursuns also came to the Central Continent. This race came from up the mountains and is known for being savage.

If you are looking for petite characters yet still looks like a human, then you’d probably love the Halfkins. Though halfkins’ origin remains unknown, this race can be considered to be a jack of all traits. They got great powers comparable to an Ursun, a sense of humor like the Zumis, a naughty mind like Anurans, and of course, the persistence of a human.

2. Class Freedom

If you’re having a hard time to choose among the classes, then you’ll really love this game for having a Class Freedom Feature! Yes! You don’t have to choose at all, because you can switch from one class to the other as many times you like without even re-setting your stats!

Perhaps the only downside of it is that you’ll have to do as much work as you will want to level up in all classes. First is so that you’ll be versatile, and second to unlock other classes.

3. Couple System
Got a partner with you? Then this feature suits you well! Eden Eternal has its own couple system allowing you to choose a partner, getting more exp as you go in dungeons. What’s more, it allows you to teleport to each other’s side when in need.

4. Guild Hall
If you’re planning to make a guild then this feature is probably the best for you. Yes, you will be given a guild hall to protect against the dark mysterious crystal which appears once in a while. Worry not! You’ll gain loots as you defeat this crystal too.

5. Housing system
Want to design your own home? Yes, you will indeed get your own home when you join a guild. Each furniture gives additional stat so having one is not only for your interior designing sense.

6. Break Point System
Probably the most interesting system there is if you’re a PvE player. When you are in a dungeon fighting a boss, be sure to decrease his break point to zero first. This allows you to get more loots or if not, a rare item.

7. Archive system
You’ll really love this system if you got lots of character. Imagine, all your hard work in one character is not for nothing. After all, you can store every item you get in the Archive. Having it there will enable you to use it once you log in the other character. It’s more like an unlimited shared warehouse. You can store clothes, armors, and even weapons.

If you love the idea of knowing all the classes, you should try Eden Eternal. Aside from its features a player might be currently dreaming of, it also got a very warm community.

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