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The End of the Ghost – Boruto Reaches Out

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I was initially expecting the Ghost arc to continue beyond this episode, but I was happy to be wrong. I was still very surprised that Sumire was behind all the incidents because she didn’t seem truly evil, and she still doesn’t. Sure, people say it’s always the quiet ones but sometimes you just never see it coming. Like his father, Boruto seems to hold a stubborn belief that he can save his friend and hopefully he isn’t wrong.

After following Sumire into Nue’s dimension, Boruto notices a stream of dark chakra and follows it to a tree stump. Nue emerges from the stump and attacks him and, using his new eye, Boruto scans Nue’s chakra network and notices a spot of concentrated chakra at the base of its tail. Nue attacks Boruto again, but Mitsuki appears and pulls him out of the way, explaining that Nue is acting on Sumire’s orders. Boruto asks Mitsuki to stall the creature while he prepares kunai with explosive tags. He stabs one at the base of Nue’s tails and tosses the rest into thick ropes overhead which fall on Nue. Mitsuki attacks the fallen Nue, but Sumire blocks him.

They try to convince her to return with them, but she seems confused, believing her attack against the village to be war. Boruto says she’s merely fighting her parents’ war, but Sumire insists that it’s her own war too since her father was treated like a criminal because of his Root connections despite fighting for the village during the Fourth Ninja War. As a result, she spent her life living in hiding, her only moment of tranquility when her mother combed her hair. When her mother died from the anxiety of hiding, Sumire’s father raised her a tool to exact his revenge on the village, and she can now no longer remember her mother’s voice.

She then exchanges several blows with Mitsuki, who is still intent on killing her, but Boruto steps between them, refusing to believe Sumire’s concern for her classmates was all an act. Mitsuki is surprised by Boruto’s faith, but remembers that Sumire did mention just wanting things to end quickly. Boruto notices the dark chakra around Sumire beginning to dissipate, and realizes that “the Ghost” attacked people who were troubled because Sumire herself was troubled, as it would be easier to infect like-minded people. Stubbornly refusing to believe him, Sumire orders Nue to absorb her remaining chakra and detonate. To everyone’s surprise, Nue doesn’t move. Sumire repeats the order, but Nue simply nuzzles up against her. Boruto determines that although Nue was raised with the intent of being a weapon, it sees Sumire as a parent. He then tells Sumire she doesn’t have use Nue the way her father used her and the Gozu Tennou on her back shatters, its hold on her finally broken.

The chakra accumulated by the Gozu Tennou suddenly becomes unstable and the cavern begins to cave in. Just then, Sumire suddenly remembers her mother’s voice, saying their way of life will end with her generation and that she will always be praying for Sumire’s happiness. The three of them hurry to escape while Nue protects them from the errant chakra. Boruto finds a rift and they manage to escape into the real world, where Shikadai, Inojin, and Denki have been searching for them. Sai arrives with a team of shinobi and offers to help Sumire, which she accepts. Just then, Boruto notices a faint stream of chakra attached to Sumire’s hand and tells her that Nue is still alive. After Sumire leaves with Sai, they suddenly realize they’re late for the Academy and run to catch the train.

I guess it didn’t really come as a surprise that Boruto managed to break through to her, but it didn’t seem like she was totally on board with the whole revenge plan anyway. The preview seems to center on what will become of Sumire’s future at the Academy. I didn’t really think much about it, but I doubt she’s gonna be imprisoned indefinitely since she seems genuinely remorseful.

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