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If someone asks you, “What is your favorite anime?” will you immediately think of an answer or will pause for a minute or two to ponder about it? Everyone has their own set of standards or criteria to line with which is favorable and which is not, but one thing is clear: all of our favorites are those who stuck to our hearts and minds throughout the years.

In my case, I go back to the past and reminisce the collection of the anime I have watched over the past ten years and realized that these anime has contributed a lot to what I am now (in terms of interest) and will be for long as I will remember, be thankful for them. Without further ado, here are my top ten favorite anime! These are all animated TV series, movies are excluded from this list.


#10 Asobotto Senki Goku

Unlike the girls in my age, Asobotto Senki Goku or also known as ‘Monkey Typhoon’ was the first anime I’ve watched. I remember we visited my great grandmother during summer and I did nothing but to either sleep or sit in front of the television that has the same size of a microwave every night. This is the story of Gokuu, the strongest yet worst assobot out there and he will take the galactic journey with his new comrades towards the East, to the land where the sun was born. Few may know or appreciate this anime, but for me, Monkey Typhoon is the first anime that opened its gate to take me to the anime world.  I haven’t rewatched Monkey Typhoon for a long time, but there’s still a glimpse of shattered scenes from this anime that I will surely bring with me as I age.

#9 Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk will always be the best and top basketball anime of all time. Slam Dunk’s written and illustrated by the Eisner Award nominee, Takehiko Inoue. Hanamichi Sakuragi is a delinquent who has never had any luck with girls. However, when he meets Haruko Akagi, he is sure that she’s the one for him. Haruko, recognizing Sakuragi’s athleticism, introduces him to the Shohoku basketball team. Sakuragi is reluctant to join the team at first, as he has no prior experience in sports and thinks that basketball is a game for losers (in addition to the fact that the fiftieth girl rejected him in favor of a basketball player). Sakuragi, despite his extreme immaturity and fiery temper, proves to be a natural athlete and joins the team, mainly in the hopes of impressing and getting closer to Haruko.

I found out Slam Dunk through our local television network, dubbed with our native language. Truth to be told, the only Tagalog dubbed that I loved/liked is by this anime, and all of those poorly-made dubs are history. I haven’t read all of the chapters in the manga, but I know the ending (I skipped the chapters, I am so sorry!) . Sakuragi displays sincere innocence and determination to reciprocate to his failings, both on and off the court. Ryota Miyagi is my MVP (*screams internally*) , and wouldn’t replace him to any basketball player out there. Actually, I still remember the lyrics of the OP of Slam Dunk! Maybe it’s time for me to rewatch Slam Dunk again, and this time, to read all the chapters of the manga.

#8 Mai-Otome Series

Arika Yumemiya has traveled far in search of her goal: the prestigious Gualderobe Academy. This is the school where young girls are trained to become Otomes, protectors of royal leaders throughout the lands. Here, Arika makes plenty of friends, but some enemies know something about her past that she does not. Nevertheless, her spirit and determination will keep pushing her forward. Mai-Otome is the sequel of Mai-Otome 0: S.ifr and in preceding of Mai-Otome Zwei.

Mai-Otome series for me, is the alternative universe of the shoujo legendary, Sailor Moon. Focused on finding oneself with badass suits and gems, Mai-Otome is one of the anime that proved that girls can kick some ass. Although I can really say that there are some bad story plot here and there, I wouldn’t mind putting Mai-Otome as my favorite anime and rewatch it for the sake of seeing the amazing battle and just… not mind the character and story development too much.

#7 Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Series

As the mermaid princess of the North Pacific (one of the seven mermaid kingdoms), Lucia Nanami entrusts a magical pearl to a boy who falls overboard a ship one night. Lucia must travel to the human world to reclaim her pearl and protect the mermaid kingdoms. She is unaware of the danger in the marine world and of her real mission until she is told by her ‘older sister’, Nikora. Using the power of music Lucia is able to protect herself and the mermaid kingdoms from a growing evil force.

Lucia, a crybaby and naive yet have a strong will, falls in love with the boy she saved seven years ago prior to the start of the series. Similar to the magical girls, Tokyo Mew Mew, it involves in saving their world. Mermaid Melody is the first musical shoujo anime that starts my love for JPop. This anime is truly made its mark in my childhood. It can still make me shout, ‘Pichi Pichi Voice Live Start!’, and starts to sing it’s classic Legend of Mermaid, where I can still remember the whole lyrics of the song down to my heart.

#6 Fushigi Yuugi

While visiting the National Library, junior-high students Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo are transported into the world of a mysterious book set in ancient China, “The Universe of The Four Gods.” Miaka suddenly finds herself with the responsibility of being the priestess of Suzaku, and must find all of her celestial warriors for the purpose of summoning Suzaku for three wishes; however, the enemy nation of the god Seiryuu has manipulated Yui into becoming the priestess of Seiryuu. As enemies, the former best friends begin their long struggle to summon their respective gods and obtain their wishes…

It might be a absurb for some how Miaka and Tamahome’s love story is considered ‘love’, this rushed love is one the love I considered classic. Well the childish attitude of Miaka may be annoying most times, you seriously cannot go wrong with this one! Presented with different type of personalities, I love each bit how the characters well-contributed their part in the series. Aired during 1995 to 1996, this classic love tale of Miaka and Tamahome made a mark to my childhood dream love.


#5 Clannad Series

Tomoya Okazaki is a third year high school student resentful of his life. His mother passed away from a car accident when he was younger, causing his father to resort to alcohol and gambling. While on a walk to school, he meets a strange girl named Nagisa Furukawa who is a year older, but is repeating due to illness. Due to this, she is often alone as most of her friends have moved on. The two begin hanging out and slowly, as time goes by, Tomoya finds his life shifting in a new direction.

I am honestly in out of words on how Clannad was one of my favorite anime. Unlike the others, Clannad is not much of a hit to my kokoro, but it nevertheless made it due to the story of Fuuko (which made me cry a gallon whenever I rewatch the scene!).  This one of the successful anime of Kyoto Animation, and will probably be for a lifetime to be compared. The soundtrack is heartbreaking as the story is, twice hit for your hearts, and deserves an astonishing praise. Poigant, compelling and heartbreaking, Clannad makes it stamp to people’s soul and mind.

#4 K-On! Series

Receives the Best TV Animation Award at the 2010 Tokyo International Anime Fair, K-On! is the story of four girls in their Light Music Club. Yui Hirasawa is stuck at her low knowledge in playing an instrument, she begins to learn the guitar with the help of the other band members, experiencing many mishaps along the way.

The ‘moe-ness’ of these five is unforgettable. Their happy-go-lucky life as they embark on a memorable every step of their high school life makes K-On every high school life must be. K-On should not be taken seriously the by anime reviewers, because K-On only offers the ‘fluffiness’. If you will try to desperately find the major character and story development, I am sorry to break this to you, but there would be none here for you. K-On is a contemporary, one arc of someone’s life, a music-themed anime, meant only to be appreciated and be a passing of time. Although that may be the case, K-On as of now, the best music-themed anime for me, story and character wise or not.


#3 Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Series

C.E. 71: In the midst of war between the Naturals (OMNI) and Coordinators (ZAFT), a unit from ZAFT is dispatched to hijack the Earth Alliance’s newly developed mobile suits on the neutral colony of Heliopolis. Orb Civilian Coordinator Kira Yamato attends the technical college on Heliopolis. After ZAFT hijacks 4 of the 5 mobile suits, Kira stumbles upon the last one, Strike, forced to pilot it to save his and his friend’s lives. During this confusion, Kira also reunites with his childhood Coordinator friend, Athrun Zala, who ironically turns out to be a ZAFT soldier and one of the hijackers at Heliopolis. Having control of Strike, Kira joins the Earth Alliance boarding the ship known as Archangel, to protect his friends while despairing over becoming the enemy of his childhood friend and people.

Gundam Seed is the first franchise I have watched from the gundam series and was probably my most favorite gundam series of all time. The conflict between Athrun and Kira, the tragic and cruelty portrayed between friends is well done,  it progressed smoothly, and was resolved satisfactory. The characters are amazing, especially Cagalli and Lacus, who have the strength to stand up for their own. The music is notably worth praising for, it is strong and can be dependent, truly intriguing.


#2 Hunter x Hunter 2011

Hunter x Hunter starts on the journey of Gon, aiming to be a hunter to have the privilege to see his father after knowing front his aunt that his father leaves him to be a professional hunter. As his way to become a hunter, Gon befriends the lively doctor-in-training Leorio, vengeful Kurapika, and rebellious ex-assassin Killua. The four, with their own goals and desires, embarks on an adventure that puts them through many hardships and struggles.

Trust me on this when I say that I don’t watch an anime thrice, or even twice for that matter. Well, Code Geass and Hunter x Hunter is an exception to that. I rarely watch anime twice (unless I desperately need it),  but Hunter x Hunter has this ‘one of a kind’ storyline that cannot make me bored and still keeps me on edge in my seat. This shounen series like Bleach, Naruto and Dragon Ball, the mass knows this anime. Gon, oh so optimistic protagonist, Gon portrays the powerful-yet-not that you might find too cliche, his character development slowly gets throughout the series will make you love him until the end.

#1 Code Geass Series

Lelouch Lamperouge, the exiled prince of the Holy Empire of Britannia finds himself caught in a crossfire between the two nations’ armed forces.  Fortunately, all thanks to the mysterious woman who calls herself ‘C.C.’, who bestows upon him the Geass, or the ‘Power of Kings’, he was able to escape. Upon realizing how much power and potential he was been given, he sets on a journey of revenge to his bloodline as a masked man named Zero once and for all.

There are people who refer Code Geass as a Death Note in a mecha form, however, it is beyond that. Although Code Geass cannot be called as a particularly notable or unique when it comes to storyline, the way the plot being handled is refreshing and there are enough twists and turns involved to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was so happy when I find out that CLAMP did the character designs, (just see how thin yet sexy Lulu is!) though some may find it very shoujo-like, you cannot just simply ignore the appeal each of these characters! Most of the characters got the serious and obvious character development; the emotions and flaws portrayed made the audience in contact with the characters, and Code Geass succeed in doing that. Honestly, Code Geass was the only anime that popped out to my mind when it comes to ‘favorite anime’, well, I have watched Code Geass not less than 23 times, so why I wouldn’t think it as my number one?


© Some of the summaries are copy-pasted, while there are summarized by me. Some are from ANN and MAL, just in case there are summaries that you have find similar.

There you have it, folks! Are there some anime you haven’t watched yet, or we have the most percentage of favorites? Let me know by commenting below! 🙂


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  1. No arguments from me as Code Geass is one of my fave shows ever (along with Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note.) Clannad is awesome too. The soundtrack is beautiful and Fuuko is very funny.

    1. I love FMA too! I was actually debating whether or not to include it in one of my favorites, I didn’t loved FMA as I did with the Brotherhood but I forgot the whole ‘rundown’ story of Brotherhood so I decided not to list it down to my Top 10.

      Yes, Clannad is a lovely anime, as expected from Kyoto Animation! Hahahaha indeed, indeed! It was Fuuko’s story in Clannad that made me laugh and cry at the same time.

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