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Fall 2015 Anime Impressions

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We’re in the third (or second?) week of fall 2015, at least according to the anime industry we are, and so I decided to watch eight new shows that I can maybe talk about and waste my time with. And since I’m the “I need to watch 3 episodes before dropping a show” type of person, this could end up being a miserable experience.

For the most part though, Fall 2015’s anime lineup is looking pretty good so far.

Before we begin, remember that these are just general impressions and summaries of notes I took down while watching. Full reviews don’t happen till the show’s over or at least is in it’s 9th episode. So my opinions are subject to change depending on where shows go from here.

Attack on Titan: Junior High

Chibi Attack on Titan because I don't know.
Chibi Attack on Titan because I don’t know.
  • What is it?
    • Attack on Titan: Junior High is an anime that’s existence perplexes me. It’s like Attack on Titan, but cuter.
  • I wrote stuff down.
    • Somehow this works.
    • It’s adorable and funny. Though it might not work for non-AoT fans.
      • There’s just too many in-jokes.
    • Fans should definitely give it a watch though for some laughs. It does a pretty good job of parodying the original show and if you’re into these kinds of goofy comedies and if you’re a fan of Attack on Titan, again, definitely check it out.

Cliche: The Animation (I mean… AntiMagic Academy 35th Test Platoon)

I betcha ten clams that this broad's going to be all over the main guy by the end of this one.
I betcha ten clams that this broad’s going to be all over the main guy by the end of this one.
  • What is it?
    • A waste of time.
  • I wrote stuff down.
    • I got up to make lunch and when I got back the show was doing exactly what I predicted it would be doing.
      • Nothing new.
    • There’s like this squad of underdog witch-hunters and they get the super elite cool girl to join their team who’s like the youngest person ever to become “Cliche Cool Title” in history. The super elite cool girl is super elite and cool, so elite and cool that she doesn’t think that she needs to be friends with the underdog team or something stupid like that.
      • Also, witches killed her family or something and now she wants to kill all of them without mercy. Shocker.
    • The end of the episode showed the squad all kind of working together or something stupid like that.
    • Overall it was a waste of twenty or so minutes.
    • Watch it if you need fap material or whatever. I don’t care.
    • I’ll keep watching because I hate myself.

Comet Lucifer

At least the cliche anime had decent pacing in it that kept me entertained...
At least the cliche anime had decent pacing in it that kept me entertained… “entertained.”
  • What is it?
    • A fantasy adventure with mecha elements.
  • I wrote stuff down.
    • Not much really happened in the first episode.
    • The main character’s an adventurous but innocent kid (think Gon from Hunter X Hunter rather than Luffy from One Piece). His mom’s dead and he kind of wants to continue his mother’s research or something.
    • There were some other characters that were fine I guess, but I worry that they might just be the generic useless side characters that annoy me.
    • The main plot itself seems to involve an evil corporation that’s involved with the main kid’s mom’s research.
    • Comet Lucifer’s first episode reminded me of Zoids: Chaotic Century’s first episode. Both main characters have some sort of hover-board thing, they scour ruins/mines and their adventure began when a mysterious girl gives them the ability to pilot a mech/Zoid.
    • I said a lot about this, but it’s kind of boring. I’ll keep an eye on it though just in case it actually develops a plot.
      • Right now the cliche anime did a better job than this at making things “fun” due to a better pacing.

One Punch Man

Tell that to the fanboys of Bleach and SAO. They love OP characters who are
Tell that to the fanboys of Bleach and SAO. They love OP characters who are “BEAST” or something stupid like that.
  • What is it?
    • An anime about a super hero that’s too powerful. And the struggles of being that awesome.
  • I wrote stuff down.
    • The first half of the episode had some laughs, but it was kind of boring.
    • BUT. This is probably one of the most unique shows I’ve ever encountered in a while. It’s main character’s design is unique, his backstory is unique-ish and his inner struggle is interesting from a story perspective and a meta-anime commentary perspective.
    • Plenty of anime fans love super-powerful characters (think favorites like Ichigo from Bleach and Kirito from Sword Art Online) because they’re so BEAST! Or something stupid like that. And One-Punch Man looks at how boring overpowered characters can be… and the show’s thoughts on overpowered characters are similar to mine.
      • When a character can just defeat the bad guys with minimal effort then there’s no tension, no thrills and therefore no fun.
    • And though I didn’t like the first half of episode one too much, I still can’t wait for the next episode since the animation in the latter half of the episode was pretty sweet.
    • And again, it is hilarious and is definitely a must watch for any fan of anime.
      • I saw episode 2: Yeah… Watch this show.


I find the word
I find the word “sextuplets” hilarious.
  • What is it?
    • An old show that’s new.
  • I wrote stuff down.
    • Osumatsu-san’s first episode is one of the best and funniest episodes I’ve ever seen in an anime. Being a very dated show, the cast rightfully worried that their humor and style may no longer work with today’s audiences… so they decided to turn themselves into BL style hunks.
      • It’s amazing.
    • But as the show itself mentioned… This is not how the regular show’ll be like. Again, another one to keep my eye on but not gonna recommend it just yet as a series.
    • However, I think most anime fans should definitely go check out the first episode just for the lulz though, even if they won’t touch the rest of the series.

Sakurako-San (Or… A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet.)

Already one of my favorites. I hope they don't fuck it up.
Already one of my favorites. I hope they don’t fuck it up.
  • What is it?
    • Probably a mystery anime.
  • I wrote stuff down.
    • The first episode introduced us to Sakurako-san and her assistant, Boy A.
      • Sakurako-san is awesome and cool.
      • Due to her obsession with death and skeletons, she possesses a great mind, eye and knowledge on possible causes of deaths, thus making her a pretty good homicide detective.
      • Her assistant (I forgot his name) is annoying though.
    • It could be one of my favorites of the season. I don’t know yet.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

It's slow, but I found it engaging and interesting. Can't wait for more.
It’s slow, but I found it engaging and interesting. Can’t wait for more.
  • What is it?
    • I looked it up and apparently it’s a murder mystery.
  • I wrote stuff down.
    • I found the show to be intriguing.
      • I have no idea what’s going to happen but I like it.
      • It felt like I was reading a novel (it’s based on a novel).
    • It’s a slow show that requires the audience’s full attention.
    • The characters are interesting, but nothing has “WOWed” me just yet.
    • Again, gonna keep my eye on it. Too hard to judge this one right now.
      • It does, however, feel like a show with mature sensibilities and respects it’s source material and itself. Which I like.
        • When I say “mature sensibilities” I mean that it seems like a show that isn’t just made to sell body-pillows. It has a story that it wants to tell and that’s pretty much the main reason it was made.

Utawarerumono: The False Faces

Fine. I'm a big fan of cat girls.
Fine. I’m a big fan of cat girls.
  • What is it?
    • An anime about a young human man trapped in a mountain village filled with neko people.
  • I wrote stuff down.
    • I’m still kind of interested, but the first episode was just kind of boring.
    • I learn about the characters, sort of, but not much happens.
    • The main dude looked like he was dressed in hospital patient clothes at the beginning of the episode, so I’m hoping that this whole thing isn’t a “guy in a coma” anime… I mean it could be and it could still be good, but I’m still hoping that it’s not “a guy in a coma” anime.
    • The cat girl’s really cute, but I actually ended up taking a nap the first time I started watching this. Finished the first episode though on the second attempt.

So yeah. So far we’ve only gotten mostly just introductory episodes that builds the world  and characters more than the actual plot or narrative. Some have already introduced a catalyst that would later propel the over arching plot, but some haven’t yet. Which is fine really, as it’s only the first episodes. If these shows are still not sure where they want to go by the end of episode 3 however, I might drop them. MIGHT.

Like I said earlier, I only drop shows after the third episode, unless if they’re a real stinker. But so far so good. Even the Cliche Anime was bearable if not only for the mildly amusing comedic action bit in the middle of the episode.

I’ll definitely do a weekly review for one or two of these shows after their third episodes so stay tuned to and keep an eye on that and for more anime and geeky goodness.

Also, self-less self-promotion here… Follow me on Twitter @BKuyer.

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