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Farewell, my friends

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This is my final message to the rest of the staff of UnimeTV and I decided to make it public…


This may come as a bit sudden, but I, Keatle, am leaving UnimeTV.

It was not an easy decision and it began when I got sick a couple of weeks back. It was a yellow light and hinted that I was overworking. And I shouldn’t be, I am young and I am not even in college/university. It is really hard to put it into words, but I feel terrible, I am tired, I feel like I am letting everybody down and I am sad, gutted, broken and empty.

I am going to abandon my friends. I am going to abandon Javone, who has some incredible aspirations for this blog and a lot of other stuff, Lyn, who quickly became almost like an older sister to me, Zaktaku, who has the same age as me and became a true friend, LeaveIt2Me, who is just brilliant and funny, Morsidin, who helped me in deciding where I will go to university, Crimson613, who always made me laugh with her stalk-ish ways, Raffikkiz, who is an endless encyclopedia of anime and a great person, LacieRoseve, who I never really talked to because of differing time zones, and Rebecca. Despite the only short time we spent together, you are all wonderful people who will leave an effect in my life for years to come.

UnimeTV was, all-around, an incredible experience – but one I wasn’t yet ready to live. I bit more than I can chew, but that is also important. This experience made me realize just how small, yet ambitious people are. I want to write more, but I find myself teary eyed and tired.

So, farewell, my new wonderful friends, I hope you live incredible lives and I am going to keep following you for years to come! May someday we meet again!

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Watching anime has been a hobby of mine since the age of six. Since the 90s I've watched hundreds of anime and hope to see many more. I'm also the founder and owner of Unime, an upcoming anime social networking site.


  1. Dear Keatle,

    You are one awesome human being, and I am glad I got the opportunity to work with you. You are still young and there will be more amazing opportunities for you in the future. Just so you know though, you have friends at Unime for life, and if you need life advice or some wisdom, just Facebook, Twitter, or Skype me.

    Also, if you ever want to come back, there will always be a spot here for you, <3



  2. I do hope you’ll continue blogging on your regular blog, because man, that would be a bummer to lose your voice in my cafe. You’ve done great work on this battlefront. Take a rest, it’s alright. 🙂

        1. Haha don’t worry. 🙂 He will still be aniblogging somewhere. He is just saying farewell to his staff buddies and any of his readers on here that enjoy him, which I’m pretty sure he has a strong fan base because he is awesome!

          Also, if anyone wants more of Keatle check out his blog on Just Geeky Stuff.

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