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First Impression: Haikyuu Season 2 [Ep. 1 – 3]

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Hey guys!

So I know I’m super behind on the summer season and I know I said I’d catch up, however, I just couldn’t resist checking out Haikyuu season 2! Being a fan of the first season I was super excited to hear that it would be getting a season 2 in the fall (finally, it only took forever).

Picking up where season 1 left off, we relive the inevitable loss of Karasuno through Hinata’s eyes as he’s blocked during an intense play against Aobajosai. However, not all is in vain as Karasuno put up a fight and their final score was an impressive 33 to 31 (third set).

© Sentai Filmworks. Screenshots via Crunchyroll

In terms of music, the opening and ending of Haikyuu have completely blown me away. I really enjoyed the opening for season one though honestly I can’t recall the ending. Here though I was captivated enough by the music and visuals to watch both beginning and ending all the way through on all three episodes. 

For the opening we have I’m a Believer by SPYAIR (who also did the opening for the first season) and for the ending we have Climber by Galileo Galilei. I’ve left links to their official YouTube channels for your listening pleasure, definitely check these two bands out 😀

In terms of story, not much has happened in the first three episodes that I find relevant to their goal of becoming Tokyo’s best. Instead, these three episodes focus more on a new character that many of the manga fans may be familiar with: Yachi.

© Sentai Filmworks. Screenshots via Crunchyroll

Yachi is a student that Shimizu has recruited for manager position once she retires, however, not all is set in stone as Yachi struggles to find her place in the world. Though with some help from Hinata, Yachi finds the strength to become stronger and finally makes up her mind about Karasuno’s Volleyball Club.

While I haven’t made up my mind about Yachi’s character (ie. do I like her or not) I do have to say her being scared of the team members and thinking someone is out to kill her because she talked with the beautiful Shimizu got old pretty quickly. I’m hoping that now that she feels more sure of herself (at least more than before) her antics will calm down. It was good for a few initial laughs but I can see myself getting annoyed with her if it doesn’t change. Other than that she’s kind of just there for me.

And speaking of Shimizu, I feel like she’s opened up more in these three episodes than in the whole of season one. I can see why everyone is so emotional when it comes to her and Crimson approves! Haha

In addition to Yachi, we’re also reminded that these guys are students and that school work does indeed exist. And if these guys want to go to Tokyo to become stronger then they have to hit the textbooks as if it were volleyball (especially Kageyama).

© Sentai Filmworks. Screenshots via Crunchyroll

Overall the series starts off well enough. It was entertaining and is pretty faithful to the manga. My favorite scene was probably when Hinata and Kageyama ran into Ushijima and they ‘faced off’ at Shiratorizawa. Just knowing that Ushijima has acknowledged Hinata makes me so excited! From here on out we’ll be getting Karasuno at the training camp with Nekoma and a few other teams. If it continues as the manga then I’m pumped to see the conflict that arises within Karasuno as they start to hone their individual skills 🙂

And if you haven’t checked out season 1 then what are you waiting for?! Go check it out 😀

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