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First things first, I would like to say that this is the first anime that I’m watching for this new season. So don’t judge me if I seem too excited after watching the first episode.

Directed by Shukō Murase
Written by Shinichi Inotsume
Music by Tsutchie
Studio Manglobe


Gangsta starts off by introducing us to a city that looks like it has been through hell since its founding. And believe me when I say this, if you liked Black Lagoon then this show is for you!

Our two featured protagonists are “Worick Arcangelo,” a man who carries a classic looking handgun and wears an eye patch over his left eye. Then there is “Nicolas Brown,” who just to happens to be deaf and carrying a bad ass katana! If you’re wondering how the two communicate, Worick is somehow a professional at sign language. Both of these characters seem to have a hidden vail around their past. I’m sure it will be slowly introduced because it wasn’t even hintingly discussed in the first episode.

The two carry dog tags which makes even the toughest guy hide behind their drapes. As the story progresses we’re introduced to “Alex Benedetto,” a prostitute that through this episode just seems to get the crap beat out of her constantly. Her excuse to putting up with all of this is that Barry (her pimp) is the only person with whom she feels that she belongs. I mean, some parts did seem to annoy me. One reason is that Worick has a very slow approach with helping Alex. He just sits there and throws her a handkerchief after a few beats from her pimp and “clients.”

Seemingly, the three shall be intertwined after a police officer, “Chad Adkins,” pays Worick and Nicolas to kill Alex’s Pimp. This is where the show picks up since now we know that Worick and Nicolas are hired guns.The police seem to just be lazy donut eaters because they basically pay Worick and Nicolas to do their job. Worick asks for a trophy as usual from the job and guess who he picks? I mean really guess…. Alex!

Worick meets up with Alex after she just got punched in the face for biting a client’s private area just to tell her that he’s going to brutally murder Barry soon. But he will never get to him because Nicolas decides he’s going to butcher him and his whole gang by himself. When I say that he butcheredthese guys up, I mean he is literally ripping their limbs off. Before finishing him off Worick basically teleports out of no where and shoots Barry in the leg just before Nicolas can finish him off. The rest I’ll leave you to finish yourself. I can’t spill all the beans on this one.

In terms of being predictable, I didn’t really get any bad vibes from the show. Some moments actually had me laughing. Its unique, edgy, and action packed but don’t forget fan service is present in all media. My belief is that you shouldn’t knock it until you try it. All anime has its own little specific message behind it so wait to see what’s behind this one!


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