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The Ghost Revealed – Boruto Plans His Next Move

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Finally, we learn the identity of the culprit behind the Ghost incidents and things get a bit more exciting. Up until now, it seemed like the Ghost’s victims were possessed during moments of weakness. Either that’s still true or it was just a coincidence, but hopefully we find out if these victims were random or carefully chosen. We know Boruto is definitely gonna want to get involved, but I wonder if him being able to see the Ghost’s chakra will actually be helpful.

Somewhere outside the village, Sai investigates a hideout belonging to Tanuki Shigaraki, a former Root researcher who had been in charge of developing a Hashirama Cell-based weapon code named Gozu Tennou. Searching the house, Sai turns out a photo of Shigaraki with a little girl and suddenly remembers that the incidents started at the Academy. Later Shikamaru reports the information from Sai’s intel to Naruto, identifying the girl in the photo as Shigaraki’s daughter, Sumire Kakei. Upon his death, Shigaraki had apparently entrusted her with the perfected Gozu Tennou. While Sai searches for Sumire, who has disappeared from her hospital room, Shikamaru further reports numerous complaints against the Leaf Police for not thoroughly vetting those involved in the Ghost incidents.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki reveals to Boruto that Sumire is behind the Ghost incidents, which Boruto initially laughs off as a joke. But Mitsuki reminds him that all the victims had some contact with Sumire just before going on a rampage, and that her own attack was likely a ruse to throw suspicion off herself. Boruto still refuses to believe it, asking why she would do such things. Mitsuki then adds that it might be too late not to believe him, as Sumire has likely already started moving. He tells Boruto that Sumire’s motive wasn’t causing the victims to rampage, but she was using them as a way to absorb their chakra. Suddenly, a loud rumble from Senju Park shakes the ground.

Elsewhere, Kakashi arrives at Naruto’s office and admits responsibility for him and Tsunade deciding not to expose the identities of Foundation members. Shikamaru reminds him that they’d decided not to run background checks on every villager so as to avoid people becoming suspicious of each other, as the village was still in shambles from the war. Upon receiving Sumire’s Academy application, they had determined that her mother wasn’t a ninja and her father’s background was then unknown but they assumed he was a rogue ninja. Shikamaru suggests regarding Sumire as a criminal, since their first priority is maintaining order in the village and they can’t afford to be soft on anyone. Kakashi admits that he’d spent his time looking for traces of Danzo’s research and found something he’d wished he hadn’t: evidence that the Gozu Tennou is likely imbedded in Sumire’s body, making her the gate through which Nue can be summoned.

At Senju Park, the same masked figure from the post office, AKA Sumire, is cornered by Sai’s team and knocked unconscious. He attempts to restrain her, but she manages to summon Nue before he can. In the distance, Boruto and Mitsuki witness Nue’s appearance and Boruto heads toward the park, resolving to hear the truth from Sumire herself. Meanwhile, Kakashi arrives on the scene and severs part of Nue’s snake-like tail. Sai creates an ink bird to distract Nue while Kakashi and the others create earth walls around it. Suddenly, Nue’s severed tail turns into several which chase the team and saps the chakra of the few they can reach until Kakashi cuts them. Outside the walls, Boruto arrives with Mitsuki right behind, warning him not to get any closer. He explains that Nue will drain the chakra of everyone in the village unless the jutsu caster is killed. He then asks Boruto whether he will choose the lives of the villagers or Sumire, and Boruto adamantly declares to save both. Mitsuki accepts the response as one he would never give and decides to learn more about the differences between them. He secretly creates a clone to restrain Boruto and heads off to eliminate Sumire. But Boruto creates his own shadow clone to knock out Mitsuki’s, and uses his eye to track Sumire’s chakra.

Sai and Kakashi create a chakra barrier in a further attempt to hold off Nue when Naruto arrives, intending to finish off Nue with one blow, with Shikamaru and others leading relief operations. Kakashi warns him off, reminding him that Nue will just absorb his chakra and likely detonate, and encourages him to help the Barrier Team. Meanwhile, Mitsuki finds and confronts Sumire, revealing he’d planted one of his snakes on her at the hospital. He pins her down, but Boruto shows up before he can kill her and Sumire breaks free. She admittedly being the culprit behind the Ghost incidents and that her actions were solely for the purpose of allowing Nue to manifest and destroy the village, revealing that she was enacting her father’s revenge. Mitsuki and Sumire prepare to attack each other, but Boruto steps in between them and his eye suddenly creates a spark. Just then, Nue transports out of the barrier and absorbs Sumire, consuming her chakra, and Naruto jumps in after he just before the wormhole closes.

I now wonder if Sumire’s father is alive or dead. There was a skeleton in his hideout which I assumed was him, but now I’m wondering if he could be alive and holed up somewhere else. Admittedly, it’s kinda nice that Sai wants to save former Foundation members from living like he did. It makes sense that he might be the only one who can help them, but I like to think Sai’s afraid of losing his family if the Foundation rises up again. He hasn’t said as much, but given how much he’s evolved since then, I’m sure he’s thinking it. Based on the preview, this confrontation won’t likely end in the next episode, but hopefully this will all end soon and come to some sort of resolution. I don’t know if I want Sumire to die per se, but I wonder if that’s really the only one Nue can be stopped. Either way, I’d hate to be the person who has to make that decision.

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