Girl Meets Boy, Switches Lives, and Makes a Friend

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A flashback shows Hinako bumping into a boy at a crosswalk who somehow injures himself and both of them noticing their identical countenances. The boy declares the encounter a miracle and decides to have her attend Shishiku Academy’s entrance ceremony in his stead. A man who introduces himself as “a doctor conveniently passing by” explains that in the world of Shishiku Academy, missing the entrance ceremony is grounds for expulsion and suggests Hinako attend classes there in place of the boy for a while. Hinako protests as she has her own school to attend, but the boy decides that he’ll stand in for her, threatening that she’ll have to pay his “huge” medical expenses if he gets expelled.

It is later revealed that the whole encounter was staged in order to get Hinako to attend Shishiku. The boy, now introduced as Hikaru Onigashima, and the “doctor” take Hinako to an apartment where they’ve moved all her belongings. Hikaru then announces that he and Hinako are long-lost twin siblings, which the people at Hinako’s orphanage apparently believed given the uncanny resemblance, and that he is the second son of the Onigashima yakuza family. The “doctor” explains that the Onigashima family’s policy is to take over Shishiku and make it “a breeding ground for future gangsters,” but Hikaru’s alleged poor health makes this potentially difficult for him. After finding out Hinako had been studying martial arts for years, he decided she’d be better prepped to rise to the top. Perhaps in awe of meeting a long-lost relative, Hinako ends up agreeing to the deal.

Upon arriving at Shishiku, she makes the acquaintance of fellow first-year Totomaru Minowa, who challenges her to a fight upon learning her “identity.” After losing said fight, Totomaru declares that he now respects Hinako and accepts her as the “acting boss” of the first-years, deciding to back her control of the school.

Later at the lockers, Hinako is cornered in a classic kabe-don scenario by Rintarou Kira, who remarks how thin she is and asks if she really is Hikaru Onigashima.

Honestly, I’m a little confused by the documentary-ish style of this anime. Like, is the whole thing supposed to be a flashback or what? And what’s with this “twin brother”? Saying the orphanage “totally bought” Hikaru’s claim as Hinako’s twin brother hints that he might’ve just been looking for a body double to replace him at Shishiku. I’m certainly gonna ride this anime out till the end, but I gotta when/if anyone will find out that Hinako’s really a girl.

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  1. I’d kind of passed on this one because of the number of other shows I’d already picked up, but this sounds kind of interesting, even if not particularly good. I may need to check it out when I have a moment. Thnaks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. It is pretty interesting, though I’m still kinda bummed the episodes are so short. I hope you do look into it ^_^

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