GRATEFUL FOR ANIME – Three Ways Anime Changed My life

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As the season of holidays, well wishes and gifts approaches many get to reevaluating their lives and achievements in general. The fast approaching end of the year makes for a perfect excuse to finally get down and dirty in the mess of human emotions to dig out what really matters. So, what truly matters to you? Check out my mushy reasons, why I’m forever thankful for anime.

First sparks

I’ve been introduced to anime at an early age, but I’ve actually truly gotten into the whole anime sphere fairly recently.  I wouldn’t say I grew up with it, but I can say I was immediately attracted to the unique style of anime. Aside from Pokemons and Sailor Moon, I started developing appreciation after seeing some of Miyazaki’s work. I mean, how could I not? The art work is simply put stunning and the rest is just .. there’s no words in any language to describe how it makes me feel.

sailor moon grateful anime
Sailor Moon

Personality changes

I used to watch like insane amounts of movies, then switched to TV shows and anime. From the bunch I rarely got any true feel of connection or recognised myself in the portrayed characters. Sure, there were some I will forever hold dear, but the true ice breaker for me was Howl’s Moving Castle and Sophie. She is so like me it literally hurts to watch. But I do it anyway, again and again until I feel like I’ve cried all the tears there are. Stopped counting how many times I’ve watched that anime, but it helped me a lot. Break out of my shell, move forward, forgive and sort of forget. We all see what we want in our favourite characters, so to some this may make no sense at all. But to me, at that point in my life, it changed me and my view on the world.

Live in the moment

I am truly grateful for loveable, well-developed characters that imprinted on me and left lasting memories. Somehow I lost perspective along the way on things that really matter – like true and honest relationships with others, being there for people I call friends. And all of that comes to focus in the little things. Once I started paying more attention to the moments and appreciate the little things, I was finally able to move forward. It sounds silly, such a small thing changed, but it shifted my whole perspective. The comical and often exaggerated way of communication between characters made me realise I was taking certain things way too seriously, making myself rigid and unapproachable. Anyone else loves the slow sections showing summer rain or tea being swished around in the cup? I live for those moments, nothing calms me down more than such serene scenes.

Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä

Friendship is the key

Along the way I kinda got into anime reviews and realised I actually enjoy writing them. Got to know quite a number of people sharing some similar interests, which is always a fun thing to do. But the main plus side is they gave me ideas. Inspirations, creative spark I have missed for a while now. The work they do and how they do it makes me rethink how I do things. Not just how I do them, but also how I approach them. I ended up improving things about myself I had no idea even needed improving. I thought I was fine, doing just fine. You know, like a grown up, having my stuff together and just moving forward. I am forever grateful to anime for bringing certain people into my life.

Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa

Never going back…

This is completely personal post and based on how anime influenced me. However, I never forget about the people creating these masterpieces. They are often underpayed and overworked.  From animators, artists, character designers to voice actors, together they are creating magic we get to enjoy on a daily basis. I can not imagine my life without anime anymore, it added that little something to my life that I was missing.

Why are you grateful for anime? 🙂


Thanks for reading!


Love, Polona

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