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Hatoful Boyfriend Plush: Spread the Love!!!

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Pledge for a Hatoful Boyfriend plush and be overwhelmed with its cuteness!! Just look at them! They would absolutely make you squeal and say “Kawaaaaaaiii!!!
Hatoful Boyfriend Plushie


About Hatoful Boyfriend:

Hatoful Boyfriend is originally a visual novel wherein every character is a bird. As the player, you are invited to be part of a prestigious school named St. Pigeonation. Your role is to function as a human ambassador. Consequently, you are given the chance to build up friendship and even create your own love life! Of course, everything depends on how you interact with the characters. Like every other VN, its ending depends on the decisions you make.

Hatoful Boyfriend‘s creation in 2011 as a dating sim game series was made possible by Hato Moa’s sense of humor during that year’s April fool’s day. With the growing number of its loyal fans, Hatoful Boyfriend turned into a franchise. It is now available on Windows, OSX, Linux, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vista.

Hatoful Boyfriend Plush

Hatoful Boyfriend Plush project has 16 days left in Kickstarter. If you are having second thoughts about its success, worry not since the project already hit over $100k. Click here should you be interested to pledge.

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