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Hinako and Friends Save a Concert

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Since the previous episode included Yuta saying his solo debut would take place at Shishiku Academy, I didn’t expect too much from this one other than wondering how much longer the “Hinako is Hikaru” façade was going to last. Although, I suspect someone at the school already knows the truth.

Kenka Banchou Otome


Hinako and her friends meet up with Rintarou Kira on the school roof to ask him about Yuta, recalling how shaken he seeemed when Hinako asked why he was bothered by her friends. Kira claims it has nothing to do with them, but Hinako persists, saying that Yuta seemed sad and adding that she understands what it’s like for lonely people “to a degree” because she used to be one (Totomaru and Takayuki seem confused by this). Kira relents and tells them that Yuta used to be “good-natured guy” and a caring friend until his friends betrayed him after he started to rise up in the school. After which, he decided how little it meant to be on top and that friendship between guys was just a fantasy.


Later, the trio volunteers as staff at Yuta’s concert. However, just as the concert starts, a group of thugs appear onstage (the same punks who shook down Takayuki’s younger brother and kidnapped him). They announce their intention to wreck the show as they’re disgusted by the idea of “a punk decked out like an idol.” Yuta laughs them off as being jealous and they surround him, refusing to back down. He prepares to fight back, but they remind him that the concert is being broadcast nationally. Luckily, Hinako and her team show up and take care of the thugs, which surprises Yuta. Seeing them back him up, Yuta declares defeat. He once again asks Hinako if she’s a boy or a girl, but then decides he doesn’t care. And with that, the concert carries on without a hitch.

Honestly, the whole episode was a bit confusing with the whole “flashback within a flashback” thing. I get there was a point to flashing back to the trio meeting with Kira, but when added to the whole documentarian aspect, it seemed a little over the top. And even though he’s an idol, Yuta seemed a little underwhelming as a Shishiku alum. I mean, yeah I didn’t expect everyone to be throwing punches around the clock, but I expected at least a little something from Yuta. Overall, it wasn’t a terrible episode, though I did hope for some explanation as to why Houou Onigashima suddenly returned (and what this means for Hinako).

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